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5 Common Meditation Problems for Newbies and How to Overcome Them

Health & Fitness5 Common Meditation Problems for Newbies and How to Overcome Them

“The quieter you are, the more you can hear.” – Anonymous meditation enhances our overall sense of well-being and helps reduce stress, creating a calmness within that fosters and promotes happiness and clarity. The benefits are numerous and the process of learning meditation is quite straightforward. A practice that has no negative side effects and helps develop peace and tranquility by engaging with our emotional responses. But is the process so simple and linear? Below we list some of the problems that newcomers may encounter when trying to engage in meditation practices.

1. Mind is all over the place.

This complaint is probably the most common. “I still can’t keep my mind, so how can I meditate?”, you ask. It’s really easy! A wandering mind is natural because our mind naturally works that way unless you spend time and energy training it. If your mind starts racing the moment you sit down to meditate, just go with the flow. Let the thoughts come, you don’t have to observe and react to them. If the deep fog of thought is getting louder instead of plateauing, then repeat this word, together! You can also read the Oponopono prayer, I’m sorry, thank you, I love you! This will bring your awareness back to the meditation practice. The point of meditation is not coercion or suppression! The key is to let go of the thoughts and move beyond them so they don’t affect your well-being.

2. Snooze killed me.

If you keep falling asleep during meditation, don’t worry as this is the body’s natural response to the relaxation you are experiencing during these exercises. The best way to prevent this from happening is to make sure you’re not tired when you’re trying to meditate. You should also try to sit for the duration of the exercise as this will prevent you from getting sluggish and lethargic. It may work best if you do it early in the morning, so that you are full of energy and stamina.

3. The body has a mind of its own.

If you’re just starting out and trying meditation, you may find that your physical body refuses to sit still during the fifteen or twenty minutes you set aside for practice. Your body suddenly has a mind of its own and isn’t willing to listen. The main reason for this is anxiety. If you are unable to discipline and train your body to sit in meditation, you may want to start with walking meditation or if you are more adventurous, try dancing meditation. Walking meditation is very straightforward. Just walk at your normal pace, preferably outdoors as nature is known to calm an agitated mind. Now synchronize your breathing with your steps. Keep your mouth closed and breathe deeply through your nose while walking. Make sure you relax all the tension in your face and body and keep moving as you look calmly ahead. After a while, your thoughts will fade away and lose their grip on your emotional states. In this state there is freedom and a sense of excitement!

4. The body suffers.

It’s something we’ve all experienced at one point or another when we’re trying to set up a meditation schedule. Sometimes, it’s the knee and sometimes it’s the back. The body can hurt for a number of reasons or you can just be motivated. Energy drains as we go through our busy professional and personal commitments every day. This is understandable and can be fixed. Again, try emotional frequency tapping, which is tapping lightly on parts of the body that feel uncomfortable. It can also result from something as elementary as your posture not being correct. Try to do some stretching before starting the session and also use cold or hot packs on painful areas. You can also heat rock salt and put it in a cotton napkin and apply it as a bandage on the affected areas. Massage with warm mustard oil boiled with garlic, it relieves the pain to a great extent.

5. Where is the time to meditate?

To this statement, I respond by saying, “If you are breathing, then you are already meditating. So now is the time to become conscious of the meditation you are on after your birth.” Practicing from. The breath awakens you to the stillness within you with the power of a black hole waiting to be discovered to unleash its true potential. Black holes are the greatest forces of creation. Although they suck up all matter that comes in contact with them! You are the same and yet, you don’t have 15 minutes to set up a practice that opens you up to infinite possibilities. Make time to practice, even if it means waking up half an hour earlier than your usual time. It may seem like a scary and impossible habit, but once you understand what it can do in life, Happiness and joy will follow, and you’ll thank yourself for sticking with it.

Now that you have absolutely zero reasons to delay meditation, let me add the icing on the cake with the cherry. Scientists have concluded that there is a change in the autonomic nervous system that decreases sympathetic tone and increases parasympathetic tone! I know it’s quite a mouthful, but for that the sympathetic nervous system is our flight or fight response and the parasympathetic is relaxation and digestion, so when we’re going beyond just survival mechanisms, we’re physically, mentally And creating a space for spiritual well-being and in this state anything is possible or as Adidas says “nothing is impossible”.

This article is written by Tina Mukherjee, a spirit guide working with astrology, tarot, psychism, yoga, tantra, breathwork and mantras. She works to discover hereditary signs by studying astrological charts.


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