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7 things to take with you into 2023

Health & Fitness7 things to take with you into 2023

If you add 2 plus 0 plus 2 plus 3 you get the number 7, and it is one of the most mystical and spiritual numbers we can find around us. 7 days of the week cake, 7 chakras in the body, 7 colors of the rainbow, 7 stars of the Pleiades, 7 musical notes of the major octave chord, 7 angels, 7 gates of heaven in Zoroastrianism, Judaism and Islam; I could go on, but you get the point.

The planet associated with this number is Ketu or the South Node of the Moon. Ketu is the tail of the snake and Rahu is the head. He is mostly fiery, hot, dry, sharp and harmful. Ketu is the principle of subtraction, so this energy can bring challenges and disappointments, but if we move beyond the dualities, we realize that Ketu fuels us to illuminate our spiritual nature and bring about positive changes in our lives. provides.

The 7th natural zodiac sign is Libra which is all about relationships, money, fun and business and as fate would have it, Ketu is moving through this sign and is here to impart some soul knowledge. Ketu helps us navigate through restricted spaces indoors and outdoors and guides us through times of uncertainty and anxiety, such as when we are getting divorced or moving to another country. Such experiences create a sense of limitation in our psyche and we feel anxious and tense as we wait for the next phase of life to begin. Ketu’s fire can help us transition.

Tarot card number 7 is the chariot and the key words to convey the meaning are victory, will, self-confidence and emotional mastery. It’s time to move on, but you have to understand that the journey is the key to progress, the destination doesn’t matter in the long run!

How can we use this number 7?

7 Important Things for 2023

1. thank you

Living according to cosmic laws and laws of nature is our dharma. We are simply a combination of the five elements of air, fire, water, earth and sky, and when our time is up, we will return to these five! We have to figure out what is “right” for us. The universe is giving us an opportunity to align with higher realities and we must surrender to love and kindness. We are an ocean of love and happiness and this physical world is just an illusion, a maya! Scientists say that we may be living in a simulated life and not in the primary reality! Future generations of humanity may be transhumans trying to understand their ancestors through this Ancestor simulation, and these posthumans may be trying to understand this very elusive quality of kindness. . Why not give them a show and a half?

2. Living a Mindful Life

As Dostoyevsky theorized that the cause of our suffering is our excessive effort. It’s because we try so hard when all we need to do is surrender! We know that we cannot control anything, so why torture ourselves by trying to change the course of events? Trouble can be cured, if we are careful. We can “go with the flow,” but we also need to be mindful of where we want to go. Suffering is a human condition and it emphasizes the importance of living life as a never-ending journey. It is the search for answers that is more important than the answer itself! Life is a mystery and with mindfulness we can enjoy the thrill and drama without succumbing to despair and depression.

3. Curiosity and wonder

As we move from childhood to adulthood, we lose our curiosity. We either think we know all there is to know or we don’t care what others have to say. We become numb and desensitized. We need to bring the “play” back into our lives. Through play we express ourselves and our creativity because during play we break established patterns of behavior that we have become accustomed to. Lock Anna in the basement and explore like a toddler. “Discover” things and change the way you experience each day. Be curious to learn more about yourself or the universe. Ask questions and Google endlessly.

4. The conversation

Not only through social media! Try to call people from time to time, even if you are an INFJ in the Myers Briggs chart and if someone calls, please pick up. Likes on Facebook or Insta are too clinical and don’t allow us to fully express ourselves. If you have something to say to a loved one, do it without tiptoeing around. Bring clarity and empathy to the way you communicate. Let’s create intimacy with words and thoughts in this “yellow blue dot” that we humans share as one home.

5. to understand

As you are willing to share your true self with the world, you must be willing to understand others and only then will others seek to understand you. Understanding is based on love, it is the heart of love. If you love someone, you want to understand them and you want them to understand you. Without mutual understanding, there can be no true intimacy. I’m not asking you to turn a blind eye to obvious flaws and bad behavior. Understanding someone means looking deep into the other’s soul and recognizing that you both share a deep human connection that is rare.

6. Gratitude

This simple feeling of gratitude for what you have changes your brain chemistry and releases feel-good chemicals. Think about what you have to be grateful for and say a silent “thank you” to the universe. You will begin to feel lightness immediately and if you establish this as a daily practice, especially during times of distress, you will notice a marked change in your mind, body and spirit. Bless others with luck and smile!

7. Action

If you feel that you need to change certain behaviors or attributes, do something about it. Want to lose weight? Go for a walk or dance. Want to focus better? Meditate daily. Want to control stress? Then watch your breathing and keep it balanced. Do not rely on antidepressants or narcotics. Don’t know where to start? Get a Kerala Ayurvedic massage and try to connect with your body parts by touching or tapping.

This article is written by Tina Mukherjee, a spirit guide working with astrology, tarot, psychism, yoga, tantra, breathwork and mantras. She works to discover hereditary signs by studying astrological charts.

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