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8 killed in ‘Switzerland of Tibet’ avalanche, China sends rescue ops: Top points

World News8 killed in ‘Switzerland of Tibet’ avalanche, China sends rescue ops: Top points

At least eight people were killed in an avalanche in the city of Nyingchi in the southwestern region of Tibet, Reuters news agency quoted state media as saying. After the deadly avalanche, the Chinese government sent a team to help recover bodies and search for missing people, the report added.

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Here are 8 avalanche spots in Tibet that killed at least 8 people.

1. An avalanche hit part of the road between Pai village in Menling County and the exit of Doksong La Tunnel in Medog County, Xinhua News Agency reported.

2. According to Xinhua News Agency, it happened around 8 pm (1200 GMT) on Tuesday, with people and vehicles trapped.

3. The number of missing persons has not been released by the authorities.

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4. Authorities sent 131 people and 28 vehicles to the scene overnight, the Global Times reported.

5. China’s Ministry of Emergency Management dispatched a working group to the Tibet Autonomous Region in southwest China following an avalanche.

6. The Emergency Rescue Headquarters has dispatched 246 rescuers, more than 70 vehicles, 10 pieces of massive equipment and 994 search devices to dig the rescue route, the report said.

7. Nengchi is situated at an average elevation of about 9,300 feet.

8. This place is also known as “Switzerland of Tibet”.


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