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A Delhi-based blogger travels with ₹500, a camera and a tricolor!

FeaturedTravelling NewsA Delhi-based blogger travels with ₹500, a camera and a tricolor!

Are you holding yourself back from hitting the road due to budget constraints? Meet Aafsari Malik, a Delhi-based travel blogger who believes that you don’t always have to spend money to see what the world has to offer!

The YouTuber shares how he travels across state and national borders with ease, thanks to the generosity of people who don’t mind giving him a free ride. “I don’t need much in life. All that matters is a shelter at the end of the night to get me through the day. This monastic lifestyle has always appealed to Shuro,” shares the 29-year-old. , who has gained popularity with his online channel Travel Without Money.

The travel bug bit him long ago, but this solo venture took shape amid the anxiety of the Covid era. “I used to work as an accountant in a firm in Delhi,” says Malik, who has now made penniless travel a huge passion project. “I have traveled more than 1 lakh km since 2020.. But no matter how much you see the world, how much you love. The Ladakh tour will start from Manali and will take place in two sessions – 30 days in 2021 and 50 days in 2022. First trip to Crib 180-200 were scratched, the second cost no money.

Traveling the length and breadth of the country, Malik says what keeps him going is his passion for meeting new people. “When one goes hitchhiking, one meets all kinds of people. One day one meets a Saint with a Gyan, the next day with the villagers in their culture. One day I will be with the truck drivers, I pair them with glasses with bonfires,” Malik shares, adding, “I just let myself stay at home for 30-40 days a year. The rest of the days are open charity and my destination is my life.

The heart of this youngest child in a family of four children is attached to his passionate journey. “All my elder siblings are married, but I haven’t felt the need to put down my roots yet. There is a long way to go. The remote villages of Rajasthan and Himachal Pradesh await every traveler with untold stories. Doing… One should be so far away from the mystery, don’t be cut off from the written world. Achi lighting and good stories, just such star my barrenness runs.

But, does he feel the same way about traveling to foreign shores? “Hitchhiking in India is easy. The people here are friendly, and always more kind to see a familiar face. Bihar in India is not that easy to travel without money. But it is also true that every place has its own culture. It is,” he adds.

Always on the move, Malik is now ready to explore some more rugged terrain with his trusty backpack filled with a few clothes, a safety kit, 500 in emergency cash, a camera, and an Indian flag. He shares: “My tricolor always stays with me!”

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