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‘Aashna Nahi Lakin…’: White House slams PM Modi over BBC documentary

World NewsIndia News'Aashna Nahi Lakin...': White House slams PM Modi over BBC documentary

The White House is not aware of this. BBC documentary on Prime Minister Narendra Modi But a US State Department spokesperson told reporters on Monday that the US and India are aware of the “democratic values”.

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In response to a question raised by a Pakistani journalist about a BBC documentary critical of PM Modi, US State Department spokesman Ned Price said, “I am not aware of the documentary you are talking about. I am very aware of the shared values ​​that enact the United States and India as two thriving, vibrant democracies.

“When we have concerns about the actions being taken in India, we have voiced those we have had the opportunity to do so.”

Highlighting the close political and economic ties between the US and India, he added, “I’m not familiar with the documentary you’re referring to, but I would say there are many elements that are global.” Underpin strategic partnerships with our Indian partners.

“The US and India have a close political relationship, an economic relationship, an extraordinarily deep people-to-people relationship. But one of those additional elements is the values ​​that we share, the values ​​that make American democracy. And are common in Indian democracy.

The BBC in its controversial two-part series on Prime Minister ModiTitled “India: The Modi Question”, it claims to have investigated some aspects related to the 2002 Gujarat riots when the BJP leader was the chief minister of the state. The Indian government has condemned the documentary as a “propaganda piece” with a questionable agenda behind it.

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Previous Week, British Prime Minister Rishi Singh also distanced himself from the documentary series. His country’s public broadcaster said he disagreed with the characterization of his Indian counterpart. Sink’s comments came after Pakistan-origin MP Imran Hussain raised questions on a BBC report in the British Parliament.

“The UK government’s position on this has been clear and long-standing and that has not changed. Of course, we do not tolerate persecution where it is seen but I am not sure I agree with this figure at all. “That’s what the honorable sir has offered. To do,” said Sink.

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