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AK Antony’s son quits Congress after BBC series criticizes Modi: ‘…Chamchus’

World NewsIndia NewsAK Antony's son quits Congress after BBC series criticizes Modi: '...Chamchus'

Congress leader Anil K AntonyFormer Union Minister AK Antony’s son resigned from the Congress a day after he criticized the BBC documentary on PM Modi – India: The Modi Question. The Congress leader said he was facing “calls of intolerance” to retract his tweet, which he did not accept. Instead, he handed in his resignation letter on Wednesday. In his tweet, he said that his Facebook wall was full of hate/abuses who were ‘supporting a trek to promote love’ — meaning Rahul Gandhi’s Bharat Jodu Yatra. .

“In view of yesterday’s events, I feel it would be appropriate for me to relinquish all my roles in the Congress,” Anil wrote in his resignation letter, relinquishing his responsibilities as both convener and national coordinator of KPCC Digital Media. Done. Social Media and Digital Communication Cell of Congress.

In his resignation letter, he said he had been informed that the ‘cohesion around the leadership’ wanted to work with a group of ‘wines and spoons’. “Sadly, we don’t have much common ground,” he wrote.

“I believe that I have my own unique strengths that would enable me to contribute very effectively to the party in many ways. However, by now I am well aware that you, your colleagues and the leadership are the people around. His letter reads, “We are willing to work with many brutes and spoons, who will no doubt be with you. This has become the only standard of merit.”

Amid growing controversy over a documentary on the 2002 Gujarat riots, criticizing then-chief minister Narendra Modi, Anil Antony on Tuesday said he considered the BBC a state-sponsored channel with biases. has a long history. He called Jack Straw, the former British foreign secretary — who appeared in the first part of the documentary and described the ‘secret’ investigation the then UK government had conducted — the brains behind the Iraq war. was

“Despite major differences with the BJP, I understand that those in India with a long history of prejudices like Britain’s state-sponsored channel BBC and the mastermind behind the Iraq war, Jack Straw’s views on Indian institutions. Making a dangerous priority. Our sovereignty will suffer,” he tweeted on Tuesday.


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