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Amid twin blasts in Jammu, Congress says there will be no compromise with Rahul Gandhi’s security.

World NewsIndia NewsAmid twin blasts in Jammu, Congress says there will be no compromise with Rahul Gandhi's security.

After the twin blasts in Jammu city on Saturday that injured nine people, the Congress on Monday said that its leader Rahul Gandhi, whose Bharat Jodu Yatra is currently passing through the Centre-administered territory, is being protected. For the Supreme is and will remain there. Do not compromise on this.

Gandhi’s security will not be compromised. Their safety and security is paramount for us and we will follow the security advisory and instructions,” Congress General Secretary Jairam Ramesh told the media after covering the 22 km distance from Hitli Mor to Dogar Haveli in Jammu. He said.

Jammu and Kashmir Congress spokesperson Ravinder Sharma also said that the twin blasts are a cause of grave concern for the party.

“Rahul Gandhi has to spend the night in Sudhra where another blast took place a day ago. Both the blasts have raised serious questions over the security scenario. On December 28, the encounter of four terrorists in Sudhra followed by 1 and 2. Two terrorist attacks in Dhangri in January claimed seven innocent lives while the government’s claims of war against terrorism show their hollowness. We are also concerned about the safety of our leader, and the govt. Says to stop terrorism,” said Sharma.

Ramesh said that during the 22-km walk on Sunday, he saw that the police did not allow people to come to the streets to see and meet Rahul Gandhi.

“Despite the yatra getting a huge response. We hope that Jammu and Kashmir will get a similar response. Rahul’s message of peace and love is resonating with people,” he said.

Earlier in the day, a team of National Investigation Agency (NIA) officials visited Narwal area of ​​Jammu city, where twin blasts took place on Saturday. The NIA team, which reached the spot at 9.30 am, collected some samples and spoke to senior police officials at the blast site. He was accompanied by senior military officers. The team remained at the scene for about an hour.

Jammu Police on Saturday detained six suspects in connection with two blasts.

Ramesh termed the Bharat Jodo Yatra as a movement against the hatred and polarization spread by the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) and slammed Union Minister Dr Jitendra Singh for criticizing the yatra in a newspaper article. .

“Today after 128 days of the Yatra, the Union Minister in the PMO (Prime Minister’s Office) suddenly woke up and criticized the Yatra for no logical reason. He is worried about the overwhelming response to the Yatra in Jammu and Kashmir but He did not say a word about polarization, political autonomy, social inequality,” Ramesh said.

Responding to another question about Congress’ stand on Article 370 and statehood to Jammu and Kashmir, Ramesh said, “The Congress will clarify its stand on the issues but the question is whether democracy in Jammu and Kashmir When will elections be held for the restoration of Jammu and Kashmir today is not even a state, it is a Union Territory. For now, J&K is an attached office of the Ministry of Home Affairs. Elections, state restoration and the question of democracy. There are more serious problems.

The Congress leader also accused the BJP of trying to malign the Yatra from day one (September 7).

“In BJP-ruled states like Karnataka, MP (Madhya Pradesh) and Maharashtra, determined efforts were made to stop the Yatra but it was very successful in all BJP-ruled states. The BJP expected “It was not expected that the Congress would take out the yatra. Such a huge public response was not expected and the Congress was not expected to sustain the yatra for so long. They have tried everything possible to discredit it,” he said.

Taking a jibe at Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Ramesh said, “He is a fan of FDI and keeps saying that he has brought in FDI (foreign direct investment) but for him FDI is fear, fraud. And the threat is…. This is real FDI for them.”

Earlier in the day, Defense Minister Rajnath Singh accused Rahul Gandhi of creating hatred among people to regain power and accused him of tarnishing India’s image on international platforms.

Is India breaking up? The country was already partitioned in 1947. Pakistan was created, although the leaders of that time were not in favor of it… These days Rahul Gandhi is saying in his Bharat Jodo Yatra that there is hatred everywhere in India,” he said while addressing. A program organized by the Government of Madhya Pradesh to provide land rights for residential plots to the poor in Sangruli District.

“Rahal ji, what happened to you?” You want to regain power by creating hatred. Power cannot be achieved by creating hatred, it can only be achieved by gaining the trust and love of the people,” Singh was quoted as saying by news agency PTI.

“I humbly request Rahul ji not to tarnish India’s image in the world by speaking hate speech. You are creating hate by talking about it. You go to people and create hatred against Modi and BJP. The whole world is getting the image that there is only hatred in India.

According to Congress officials, on Monday Rahul Gandhi will resume the yatra from Vijaypur in Jammu city to Satwari Chowk where he will address a public rally around 12 noon. On Tuesday, he will address a press conference in Jammu. On January 26, he will hoist the tricolor at Banhal, the gateway to Kashmir, and on January 30, he will address a public meeting and unfurl the tricolor at the party office at Lal Chowk, Srinagar.

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