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AR Rahman reacts to Gandhi Godse controversy: ‘Unfortunately Rajkumar Santoshi is the victim…’

Entertainment NewsAR Rahman reacts to Gandhi Godse controversy: 'Unfortunately Rajkumar Santoshi is the victim...'

AR Rahman who composed the music. Rajkumar SantoshiGandhi’s upcoming film Gandhi Godse: Ek Jang, has recently come out in support of the film amid protests. The film sparked controversy for allegedly undermining Mahatma Gandhi’s legacy and glorifying his assassin Nathuram Godse. During a promotional event for the film, AR Rahman said that people have lost faith in the filmmakers and called Rajkumar Santoshi a ‘victim’ of the situation. Also read: Rajkumar Santoshi sought security from the Mumbai Police after protesters disrupted Gandhi Godse’s function.

The news agency PTI reported this. AR Rahman He said, “They haven’t seen the film, they have assumed that the trailer is taking sides… People have stopped trusting filmmakers because filmmakers are taking sides. Unfortunately.. . Therefore, he (Santoshi) is a victim,” he added.

Rajkumar Santoshi had recently written a letter to the Mumbai Police demanding extra security for himself and his family. He said that he received threats from unknown persons asking him to stop the release and promotional activities of the film.

The filmmaker asserts that he is not afraid of anything. He said, “Both Gandhi and Godse were fearless people. Godse was not afraid of the consequences after assassinating Gandhi. How can I be afraid when I am making a film on these two fearless people? I don’t care about death threats but people close to me insist that I should be careful because it is a serious threat. So, I requested protection from the Mumbai Police and they have provided it to me. I am grateful to them.”

He further talked about not paying attention to boycott trends on social media and gave an example. Shahrukh Khan‘s just-released film Pathan, which despite the controversies over its song Besharam Rang, did great business on its opening day. Gandhi Godse will clash with Pathan at the box office as it hits the screens on Thursday.

Gandhi Godse: A War is set in early post-independence India of 1947-48, in an alternate version of Indian history where Mahatma Gandhi survives an assassination attempt by Nathuram Godse. This follows an interesting discussion between Gandhi and Godse after their meeting in prison.

(with inputs from PTI)


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