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Arjun Kapoor reacts to sister Janhvi Kapoor’s insecurities: ‘She’s worried, she doesn’t have confidence in her own abilities’

Entertainment NewsArjun Kapoor reacts to sister Janhvi Kapoor's insecurities: 'She's worried, she doesn't have confidence in her own abilities'

Arjun Kapoor She has shared that her sister, actor Janhvi Kapoor, feels less confident about her ability and sometimes becomes insecure. She also revealed that she is a fearless person who is ready to take risks in life. She is never proud of being the daughter of producer Boney Kapoor. Arjun also talked about his girlfriend Malaika Arora. He shared that Malaika is the only reason for his ‘happiness’ because of which he can ‘go to sleep happy and wake up happy’. She keeps him grounded. (Also read: Arjun Kapoor praises Milli, tells Jhanvi Kapoor ‘You keep making me proud’)

Both Arjun and Janhvi are Bonnie’s children. Arjun is the son of Boney’s first wife Mona Shourie and Janhvi Boney’s second wife is the daughter of late actor Sridevi. The two actors didn’t have a good equation growing up but have come close to each other over the past few years.

While promoting his latest film Katte with Radhika Madan, Arjun said in a chat with Siddharth Kannan, “(Janvi) is hungry. She is insecure. She is worried and has no confidence in her abilities. She’s always looking for can I, can I? She’s very unconcerned about whose daughter she is and that’s important. Her choices are interesting because I think she She has come at a time where you have to be fearless. She is willing to take chances. There is nothing better than an artiste who is willing to take chances. Today, she has done Milli, she has done Gunjan Saxena. Thi Jo was a difficult film to make.

He added, “She is taking chances and growing, I think her future is really bright. We both talk a lot. We talk about everything from old Hindi films to this type of film. I talk about what she wants to do. We have a solid equation when it comes to talking about work.”

Talking about his relationship with Malaika, Arjun said, “Having a partner who keeps you safe and grounded, reflects in your daily movements and daily thinking. She definitely made me Allowed me to be my own person. He’s in my life. We both fit into each other’s lives so well even though we have a unique relationship from society’s point of view. He’s the main reason I can sleep happy. I can wake up happy.”

Arjun’s latest film Katte released on 13th January. The film also stars Tabu and Radhika Madan. Janvi He will next be seen opposite Varun Dhawan. The film is slated to release on 7th April 2023. His upcoming project is Mr. and Mrs. Mahi with Rajkummar Rao.

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