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Before Pathan, Siddharth Anand’s War Revisited: The Ultimate Modern Bollywood Action Film

Entertainment NewsBefore Pathan, Siddharth Anand's War Revisited: The Ultimate Modern Bollywood Action Film

If I had to put my finger on a specific moment in the early parts of Siddharth Anand’s War that heralds the film’s angst and style, and points us in the direction of something more triumphant than a forgettable Bollywood action fest. Ready — this will be the end. of the first scene. After Kabir (an endless, extremely smooth Hrithik Roshan (with a remarkable command over his presence) has just shot and killed his own handler, we see him walk off the roof. Behind him, a glowing red neon sign that should read “Hotel Lotus” flashes instead of the word “Hell.” I think it’s that cheeky moment that tells us we’re in for more than an over-processed, blurry guns-and-glory action movie.

A rare Hindi film that beautifully blends the scale and slick performance of a Hollywood action flick with Bollywood masala tropes and an unabashed celebration of stardom, War is the ultimate modern-day Bollywood action movie. And on this, on the occasion of the Pathans, it is worth revising his success. For one, Jung is full of memorable set pieces – for those chasing Portugal’s sensational bikes. But, to me, none can beat the film’s brilliant performance and airplane set piece, in which Kabir takes down a flight full of bad guys while in the air. In another film, you can imagine the same, sleek sequence without the same flair, flash or rhythm, instead resorting to flashy CGI and excessive showboating.

(embed) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tQ0mzXRk-oM(/embed)

Then, of course, there is the small matter of Hrithik Roshan. War marked the beginning of Hrithik 2.0, a transition we first saw glimpses of in Kaabil, which then followed in 2019 with both War and Super 30. The war marked the rise of a much more subtle actor. A star coming into her own, chooses understatement, embraces economy, and realizes that less is, in fact, more. In Jang, Hrithik tore up the screen with ease like nobody’s business. More than any impressive set pieces or fight sequences, it’s Kabir’s attitude and presence that stays with you. Hrithik not only brings a haughty, haughty swagger to Kabir but also lends a sense of humanity to the agent who puts the mission first. Not to mention giving us perhaps the biggest Bollywood hero entry sequence moment in recent memory.

Jung equally benefits from the winning Hrithik-Tiger chemistry, whose real-life disciple-mentor bled beautifully into the film. This is why War Tiger remains Shroff’s best film. For once he was ready to be a part of a film rather than a film. As Khalid, Tiger plays a real role rather than a restless muscle machine looking for an excuse to backtrack and break bones for two hours to forever impress. Khalid acts not only because of the honesty in his eyes when he looks at Kabir (always putting his feelings aside) but because he feels fallible and human. This is why you feel for the real Khaled when you realize he’s been dead for years. It is also commendable that Tiger was not only willing to play (partially) the bad guy but also wanted to play second fiddle to Hrithik.

Then there’s the fact that Jung remains the rare film in Tiger’s testosterone-fueled filmography that does true justice to his impressive physical prowess without relying on hyper-processed slow-motion shots and excessive cutting. Take, for example, his entrance scene – the most memorable sequence in a film full of them. In this unbroken 3-minute long shot, Khaled is seen bursting into a room of drug dealers in a villa in Malta, methodically picking off one by one using only his fists and shattered furniture as weapons. Break them into pieces. It’s an impressively executed single-shot sequence of pure hand-to-hand melee.

At a time when the action genre within Hindi cinema is dominated by sensuality, like its hero Kabir, Jung was steeped in attitude, what he set out to do, and most importantly It is that he did nothing more than necessary. . Now, as we set our sights on the man of the moment – ​​Pathan, we wait and hope that Siddharth Anand will once again do wonders and give us the whirlwind Shahrukh Khan that we so desperately crave. Required.


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