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Bigg Boss 16: Astrologer leaves Priyanka Chaudhary tensed about her future with Ankit Gupta. Here’s what he said. Watch

Entertainment NewsBigg Boss 16: Astrologer leaves Priyanka Chaudhary tensed about her future with Ankit Gupta. Here's what he said. Watch

In the latest Friday episode of Senior official 16, astrologer Suresh Sharma marked his presence on the show. He enters the house to talk about the professional and personal life of the housemates. He can be seen mentoring Tina Dutta, Priyanka Chaudhary and Archana Gautam. He spoke about his career, relationships and outlook on life. Suresh asks Tina to work on her ‘attitude’ and leaves Priyanka upset when she says she has no future with her friend Ankit Gupta. He criticized Archana for being ‘black-tongued’. Many fans reacted to the promo video shared by ColorsTV. (Also read: (Bigg Boss 16 contestant Priyanka Chaudhary is called the ‘goddess of overconfidence’, Sundriya does her ‘aarti’)


The promo starts with astrologer Suresh entering the house. The housemates gathered in the garden area. He can be seen saying, “Tina, Blockbuster after Blockbuster, we’ve had enough of your problems, as long as your attitude is mine (Tina, we’ve heard from you so far.” Have seen a blockbuster show, but now we haven’t”. Haven’t seen another one. I think the problem is with you, with your attitude). Tina rose to fame after playing the role of Ush in the drama series Uttaran.

“I don’t see a good future for you and Ankit’s relationship, don’t waste time (I don’t see a bright future for you with Ankit Gupta, don’t waste your time),” Suresh said moving towards Priyanka. Ankit and Priyanka had good chemistry on the show and fans often saw them accompanying each other during household chores. Udaariyan’s co-stars have been facing rumors of being romantically involved since the start of the show.

Then, Suresh said to Archana, “Archana you have a power, which no one has your tongue is black (Archana you have a special power, which no one in this house has, you guys). speak ill of). At the end, Priyanka said that you have given us all tension.

Reacting to the clip, one person wrote, “They get paid to speak (They’re getting paid to speak)”. Another person wrote, “Ankit-Ankit-Ankit..even after unfairly kicking him out, they are using his name and his relationship with Priyanka everyday, just to mobilize him. Cheap.” Tactics.” Another person commented, “Priyanka has an attitude problem (Priyanka has an attitude problem)”. “Prinikat (Priyanka and Ankit) forever, away from the evil eye,” wrote one.

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