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Bigg Boss 16: Diljit Kaur clarifies after posting wishes for ex-husband Shalan Bhunot, says ‘it’s not a whitewash’

Entertainment NewsBigg Boss 16: Diljit Kaur clarifies after posting wishes for ex-husband Shalan Bhunot, says 'it's not a whitewash'

Hours later she wished her ex-husband, the actor, well. Shalan Bhanot who continues to fight for the winner’s trophy in the Bigg Boss 16 house, Diljit Kaur Now clarified that the post was not a “whitewash”. Diljit and Shalan had an ugly divorce in 2015.Also Read: Diljit Kaur wishes ex-husband Shalin Bhanot all the best ahead of Bigg Boss 16 finale)

In a note she shared on Instagram Stories on Tuesday afternoon, she wrote, “This is a simple wish for someone I know. I know the Bigg Boss house can be very challenging. My.” All the best “Wishes don’t whitewash the past.”

She added, “It’s been a crazy journey for me and my son but years later, I find myself sending him a wish and I don’t regret it. The past is the last of my life. Part will last and it will hurt everyone. Once I look back. But, I chose to look forward in life. That’s why I chose to wish for Shalin. “

A glimpse of Diljit’s Instagram Stories posts.

Earlier, she posted a photo of herself and her son Sharo and wrote late Monday, “For the past few weeks. Senior official to gain. All the best wishes for Shalin Bhanot. Be patient, stay calm and stay strong.”

The post came shortly after Monday’s episode of Bigg Boss 16 aired, in which Shaalan had an emotional breakdown. Most of the contestants form separate groups, isolating Shalan, who feels surrounded. Things escalated when Tina Dutta pulled Diljit’s name during the fight.

“Pointing fingers at my character, don’t respect his wife, shalan bhanot gande man (he is killing my character, he didn’t respect his ex-wife properly, such a bad person )” said Tina. recently. Shalan was later seen crying.

Diljit and Shalan got married in 2009 and divorced in 2015. Shalan told Hindustan Times in a 2016 interview that she would never badmouth Diljit in the press. “After the divorce, I was really scared and didn’t leave the house for the first 17 days. And the first time I went out, I went to the gym because I wanted to exercise and feel fresh and all eyes were on me. But, as people make impressions,” he had said.

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