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Breakfast trends you should follow in 2023

Health & FitnessBreakfast trends you should follow in 2023

Breakfast The most important meal of the day is because it sets your mood for the rest of the day, boosts your metabolism and provides all the nutrients you need. Protein, vitamins, minerals and nutrients For proper body function at the start of the day. A nutritious breakfast is essential for those maintaining optimal health and there are easy ways to incorporate it into your daily routine where the best breakfast trends for 2023 will be influenced by various factors and change rapidly.

In an interview with HT Lifestyle, Sheetal Saxena, founder of Athika, revealed, “The content of the breakfast meal matters, but so does the timing. A hearty breakfast starts your day off right. It’s the best way to do it, and it looks like the breakfast trend will get even sweeter in 2023. In recent years, new breakfast trends have emerged that focus on healthier, more wholesome ingredients such as whole grains, nuts, and seeds. Nuts, and fruits. These trends have led to a shift away from traditional breakfast items like bacon and eggs. However, the South Indian breakfast has its own specialty. It is one of the healthiest breakfast options you can choose. From the famous idli, dosa and utapam dishes to the unique and flavorful sambhar, chutney and upma, South Indian cuisine is becoming a popular choice for breakfast.

He explained, “Its light and healthy ingredients, combined with its unique flavors, make South Indian food a great option for those looking for a nutritious and delicious start to their day. Along with South Indian dishes, filter coffee is definitely on the rise and is becoming the go-to morning drink to end a meal. Not only are these dishes and drinks packed with flavors, but they also provide the necessary fuel for the morning. Do. Eating a nutritious breakfast is linked to improved concentration, better performance at work and a healthier lifestyle. We’re excited to see what else 2023 brings when it comes to breakfast trends!”

According to Anshi Saxena, co-founder of Kolkal, breakfast trends this year will lean towards healthier options and fresh ingredients. He shared, “People are more aware of which foods provide which nutrients and are therefore choosing foods based on their nutritional value rather than how good they taste. Fresh Baked Multigrain, wheat, sourdough breads are becoming more popular. Eggs remain a favorite. Salads have become a staple. Protein-rich foods such as homemade peanut butter, antioxidant-rich chocolate spreads and homemade Processed granola has become a staple of youth breakfasts.Vegan milk options and smoothies made with fresh fruits and vegetables are also favored by patrons these days.

Explaining this, Dr. Shruti Malik, founder of Anardana highlighted, “One trend that has been growing in recent years is the popularity of plant-based alternatives to traditional breakfast foods. This includes plant-based alternatives to meat. Another trend that’s growing in popularity is using ancient grains in breakfast foods. Ancient grains like quinoa, millet, and amaranth are nutritious and can be used to make everything from hot cereal to salads. Can be done. A great example is the quinoa beetroot salad that Anardana offers at all locations. Another trend that’s growing in popularity is high-protein breakfast options to keep people full and energized throughout the morning. Focusing. Health and sustainable ingredients are still going to be important for 2023. As always, the restaurant industry is constantly evolving and changing, so it’s likely that new and newer breakfast options like this will emerge in the coming year. Interesting trends will emerge.”

Amarnath Halumbar, Executive Director and CEO, NextG Apex India Pvt Ltd advises, “First of all, people should stop skipping breakfast. It is well known that people skip breakfast due to their busy morning schedules. Skipping breakfast. It can increase the risk of obesity, and increase irregular blood sugar levels and defocus you. As times change, so do breakfast trends. On-the-go breakfast options are always a good choice if you can’t devote much time to breakfast preparation. Breakfast options like muesli, cornflakes, oats, bread-peanut butter, etc., are healthy. Among the best options, these options are neither time-consuming nor unhealthy.

“Instead of skipping breakfast, enjoy options that meet your nutritional needs while serving your taste buds,” he advises. Breakfast paves the way for a healthier lifestyle. Helps to improve health, it also increases muscle growth, reduces the risk of recurrent disease and controls weight gain. Eating a heavy breakfast reduces the chances of unwanted junk food cravings. Remember, after a full night, breakfast is the key source of energy for your body to function throughout the day. So, never skip your breakfast.”

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