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Breast cancer detection and treatment in India: modern oral therapies, innovations

Health & FitnessBreast cancer detection and treatment in India: modern oral therapies, innovations

The most common Cancer in women, Breast cancerit is also the most difficult to treat but also the most satisfying when it comes to recovery. Therapy. This state-of-the-art treatment infrastructure is only available in major cities, though, and in Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities and villages, where basic services and technology such as radiology equipment are difficult to locate, access should be made ubiquitous.

In addition to the lack of skilled professionals, rural people are also unaware of their alternatives, even if they have money, so some people choose to travel to nearby towns for treatment at higher cost. Goes because of hospitalization. India has more than 1.3 million new cases of cancer and more than 8.5 million deaths annually.

Cancer is not only a health problem but also a complex problem involving social, economic, developmental and human rights issues. One of the easiest and cheapest treatments medical practitioners can do while caring for patients is cancer screening because the earlier cancer is detected, the more likely it is to be treated.

Breast cancer cases are on the rise worldwide and it is the most diagnosed cancer and leading cause of death in women with approximately 1.7 lakh new cases and >90 thousand deaths from this disease every year in India according to Globucon 2020. There are As the number of breast cancer cases continues to rise, new innovations are emerging to help reduce the burden of the disease and new oral treatments aim to increase patient survival and quality of life.

Breast cancer detection in India

In an interview with HT Lifestyle, Dr DC Duval, Chair-Medical Oncology and Chief of Breast and Thoracic Services at Rajiv Gandhi Cancer Institute, Delhi, revealed, “Almost all Indian breast cancer patients are self-diagnosed. often when secondary changes such as local skin or chest wall abnormalities or distant metastases have already occurred. Even after an abnormality such as a lump is detected, a visit to the doctor is often necessary for diagnosis and treatment. There is considerable delay as early symptoms, such as lumps, etc., are not accompanied by pain or other unpleasant symptoms. Women are discouraged from seeking specialist advice because of community health centers and peripherals near their homes. Hospitals lack adequate diagnostic capabilities.

Cancer treatments

Dr. DC Duval said, “Earlier patients were treated only with chemotherapy and radiation in addition to surgery. Now there are many options available to treat breast cancer. Advances in breast cancer management are helping women get timely treatment.” and helps improve their quality of life. Newer oral therapies such as CDK4/6 inhibitors are used to treat hormone-positive metastatic breast cancer. More than 60% of patients in India have hormone receptor-positive breast cancer. Indian companies like Cipla are introducing the generic version of Palbociclib (CDK4/6 Inhibitor) in India and reducing the cost. Less than 90,000 5000/month, which will make the drug more accessible to a larger number of patients. Thus, the introduction of more Indian generics will help reach a larger number of patients.

According to Dr. DC Duval, the best way to manage cancer is early diagnosis and treatment under the supervision of an oncologist. “Try and maintain a healthy lifestyle to reduce your chances of getting cancer,” he advises. The development of sophisticated genetic tests that can screen patients for breast cancer genes, a The widespread use of “personalized medicine” strategies (such as targeted therapy) and short courses of high-dose radiation therapy for early-stage breast cancer patients are some of the major advances in breast cancer diagnosis and treatment in recent years. There is progress.”


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