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BTS’ Jimin revealed he was ‘less nervous’ as he posed with Robert Pattinson and David Beckham in Paris.

Entertainment NewsBTS' Jimin revealed he was 'less nervous' as he posed with Robert Pattinson and David Beckham in Paris.

BTS member Jimin Posed with actor Robert Pattinson and footballer David Beckham during the recently held Paris Fashion Week. The singer also wrote a note for her BTS ARMY revealed that even though he was nervous, being with fellow group member-rapper J-Hope helped him calm down. (Also read | BTS’ Jimin and J-Hope show off their heart marks to fans as they head to Paris Fashion Week. Watch)

Taking to Instagram on Saturday, Jimin posted photos with David, his son Cruz Beckham and Robert Pattinson. For the event, Jamon wore a dark gray turtleneck sweater under a gray blazer and trousers. He smiled and flashed his signature victory sign while posing with other celebrities.

Robert opted for a brown turtleneck sweater, a matching brown jacket, blue skirt and black shoes. Jimin did not give a title for the post. The show was also attended by Naomi Campbell, who sat alongside J-Hope and Jamin. He also posed with them and shared a conversation. J Hope He wore black for the event.

Earlier, Jimin on Weavers shared a note for fans. She wrote, “Everyone, I’m here for Fashion Week. It was a new and meaningful first experience. I think I felt less nervous because I came with Hoseok. Thank you for watching.” I am very happy to see ARMY welcome there.”

Reacting to the post, J-Hope dropped heart emojis. When a fan commented that he was looking forward to Jimin’s live performance, the singer said, “I haven’t forgotten (laughing)”. J-Hope also shared several photos with Jimin as the two apparently visited a museum. Posting the photos on Weavers, J-Hope wrote, “Playing with cutie.” They were seen enjoying themselves and teasing each other.

French fashion house Dior recently named Jamon as its global brand ambassador. Jimin’s event in Paris came just days after he collaborated with Big Bang member Taeyang for a new single, Vibe. According to Billboard, an American music and entertainment magazine, the two boy band veterans trade verses on the track, singing and rapping, “You know we got that vibe baby/Look at you, you Look/You got the vibe, I can. Feel it, it’s a vibe.”

The song, which hit No. 1 on the Billboard Hot Trending Songs before its release, is accompanied by a suitably vibey music video, which captures the pair’s slick dance moves and charisma. takes. Jimin’s 2022 collaboration with Ha Sung-woon already holds the record for the second-longest run at No. 1 on the Hot Trending Songs chart, along with SB19’s Bazinga, according to Billboard.

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