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Chetan Sharma: A mix of indie and mainstream films worked for me.

Entertainment NewsChetan Sharma: A mix of indie and mainstream films worked for me.

Young actor Chetan Sharma believes that it has been a good mix of independent and commercial films that has established him firmly in the entertainment industry. gave Piglet, Delhi Crimes And Holy game 2 The actor says his bet on independent films has paid him well.

“When I shot the cult film. Saw the eyes. (2013), it was a small independent project that didn’t do much in theaters initially, but my monologue in the film has been one of the high points of my career. My belief in parallel cinema brought me films like Dream to be, Shackle, Chidi Ballah And to come 2020 Delhi. I played the lead in all of them and they did very well at international film festivals. Meenakshi Sundareshwar (2020) and dry Actor (2015)

He cites this composition as his greatest achievement. “Commercial ventures gave me public recognition and independent films established me in the industry. It’s this combination that has helped me navigate the industry without a mentor. Makers now know and understand that I am in every kind of cinema. Available to experiment. I can quench my thirst for starring roles with indie films while commercial projects help me land more projects,” he says.

Last seen in OTT series. Trial by fire, he has several upcoming projects. “I am playing the lead role in an independent film. who am I From the young director Shresh Khimaria, I play a very important role. Innocent Varun Grover’s short film directed by Ajay Sir (Devgan). kiss Which is doing well in international festivals and Aparna Sen’s film. Rapist In which I have a negative role. There are more but I am not allowed to talk about them,” adds Sharma.

The actor says that it is his father’s belief that he should become an actor. “I was good in studies and my father exposed me to theater and encouraged me to do workshops. It became my hobby and eventually my passion. To be honest, I was directionless and realized much later. That they were grooming me to be an actor, which I eventually became,” he says proudly.


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