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China denies Covid-19 vaccines to defectors from North Korea: Report

World NewsChina denies Covid-19 vaccines to defectors from North Korea: Report

According to a report by US-based radio network Voice of America (VOA), China is discriminating against North Koreans by refusing to give them the Covid-19 vaccine, putting their lives at risk. I am putting

China has refused to provide treatment to refugees from North Korea even after the lifting of Covid-19 restrictions.

Due to lack of identification proof, refugees are not provided with treatment even if they are experiencing serious symptoms of CoVID-19.

Seoul-based online daily Daily NK has quoted a source as saying that defectors from North Korea in China cannot get treatment despite being infected. [with the virus]. In the absence of ID card, they are not entitled to vaccination.

NK News reported that North Korean defectors in China have not received a single dose of vaccination since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic and are thus being left unprotected.

In a telephonic conversation with Daily NK, a defector said that despite being infected with the Covid-19 virus, the defectors cannot get tested, so they take cold medicine. “We can’t go anywhere without a vaccination certificate, but since we don’t have an identity card, we can’t even think about getting vaccinated,” said the defector.

The defectors have been arrested by Chinese police as they try to escape to South Korea, VOA reports.

NK News Source said many defectors in China are expressing frustration, expressing “bitter sorrow” about not being officially recognized by the Chinese government and “living like this.” How would it be better to die? Some defectors have died even after suffering from Covid-19 symptoms. Other deviants who have seen people die in vain are frustrated with the situation they are in.

China, a close ally of North Korea, does not regard its defectors as refugees but as illegal economic migrants. Under its border agreement with North Korea, China forcibly deports defectors. Upon return to North Korea, defectors face possible torture, sexual violence, hard labor, imprisonment in political or re-education camps, or execution by the North Korean state.

Most North Koreans flee across the northern border to China and then South Korea in search of a better life away from a government that tightly controls every aspect of their lives. Defectors are not protected by China. Instead, the defectors are forced to hide from Chinese police who forcefully send them back to North Korea, VOA reported.


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