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Coke Studio India Launches Its Tamil Edition, Releases Promo; Chanmai Sripada reveals that he is a part of it.

Entertainment NewsCoke Studio India Launches Its Tamil Edition, Releases Promo; Chanmai Sripada reveals that he is a part of it.

The widely popular musical show Coke Studio, which started in India in 2011, is going regional with its latest edition. Coke Studio has teased a promo of the Tamil edition and the team is all set to produce the show in other regional languages ​​as well. (Also read | Along with AR Rahman, Coke Studio, Riz Ahmed, and Jalebi Baby, Ms. Marvel brings desi music to the Marvel Cinematic Universe.)

Singer Chinmai Sripada took to Twitter to share that he is part of the show. “I’m really happy to be a part of something beautiful, original and a beautiful song for season 1 of Coke Studio Tamil,” Chinmai tweeted.

Chanmai Sripada shared on Twitter that she is a part of the show.

Composer Sean Roldan shared the promo video. He has composed the song. Shaun wrote, “Really excited to be associated with @CocaCola as curator/composer for Coke Studio Tamil. Watch the promo here.”

The promo features some prominent names from the Tamil music community, including Chinmayi, and writer-rapper Aru. The promo promises that the show will focus on a lot of original material and not just remakes of old songs.


Singer Sanjay Subrahmanyam took to Twitter to share his experience shooting for the show in a long thread. He has recorded a song for the show. “I was recently on tour in the US in October 2022, when I got a message from music composer Sean Roldan asking if I would like to sing for Coke Studio Tamiz, a new project that is taking shape. Rahul wrote.

He added that the song was composed with Arifullah Khan, a Tamil fakir who sang Sufi music. Lyrics of the song are by Kritika Nelson. “Rehearsing, and eventually performing live in a 28-piece ensemble. Sean Roldan was right in the middle of things, curating, coaxing, and getting everyone to fit what he envisioned and planned.” He wrote.

Sanjay also mentioned how shooting and recording live reminded him of the ‘old days of film music when the whole group performed’. He also said that in December he got a call for a promo shoot. He added, “It was only a 30-second shot, but the process was quite long and we spent about 8-10 hours. Waiting, setting up, etc. I told this to a friend who told me. asked, if they can’t. It’s better planned.”

He added, “My answer was from the iconic film Kadhalika Neeramalai where director Nagesh answered a question from the heroine’s father about the filming process with ‘Productionnaa ennannu theriumayaa unakku?'” Any idea what that is?”).

Sanjay added that the first season of Coke Studio was officially launched on January 23. He added that a total of eight songs will be released at intervals.

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