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    Congress Says Delhi Police Personnel Forcibly Entered Its HQ & Beat Up.

    Congress Says Delhi Police || On A Day The Party Organized Vociferous Fights Against The Scrutinizing Of Rahul Gandhi By. || Nirmal News.

    Congress Says Delhi Police Personnel Forcibly Entered Its HQ & Beat Up.

    Congress Says Delhi Police Personnel Forcibly Entered Its HQ & Beat Up Workers, Demands FIR.

    The Congress Claimed That Delhi Police Staff Effectively Entered Its Base Camp And Beat Up Party Laborers And Pioneers On Wednesday, On A Day The Party Organized Vociferous Fights Against The Scrutinizing Of Rahul Gandhi By The Enforcement Directorate For The Third Back To Back Day.

    A Few Senior Heads Of The Party, Including Sachin Pilot And B V Srinivas, Were Confined During The Day. Congress Pioneers Shared Implied Video Cuts Via Virtual Entertainment Showing Police Faculty Entering Its Office Premises On Akbar Road And Thumping Party Functionaries.

    The Delhi Police, Be That As It May, Dismissed The Charges As “Absolutely Bogus”.

    “We Had Attempted To Stop Them And Attempted To Close The Entryway Of AICC (All India Congress Committee) Office To Keep A Parade From Being Taken Out… In This Cycle, Their Strength Be Some Scrimmage, However Police Had Made An Effort Not To Enter The Premises Of The AICC And They Had Not A Great Explanation To Enter,” A Senior Cop Said.

    The Police Made Elaborate Game Plans Around The AICC Base Camp And Cordoned Off The Area Considering Prohibitory Orders Against The Get Together Of Individuals. A Weighty Organization Of Safety Powers Was Likewise Set Up Around The ED Office In Focal Delhi.

    As Rahul Gandhi Showed Up Before The Government Organization For Addressing In A Tax Evasion Case.

    +Congress Laborers And Pioneers Proceeded With Their Dissent Against What It Called The Utilization Of The Test Organization By The Decision Regulation For Political Grudge.

    Congress Mps Manickam Tagore, Thirunavakkarasuar, A Chella Kumar, Amar Singh And Jayakumar Vijay Vasanth Fought In The Parliament Complex And Raised Trademarks Against The Public Authority.

    A Few Chiefs, Including Mps Jothimani And D K Suresh, Previous Rajasthan Vice President Serve Sachin Pilot, Youth Congress Boss B V Srinivas And Delhi Congress Boss Anil Chaudhary, Were Confined By The Police From Outside The AICC Office.

    “In A Demonstration Of Outright Goondaism Propagated By The Delhi Police At The Occurrence Of The Modi Government.

    The Police Today Effectively Entered The Public Base Camp Of The Congress Here And Beat Up Party Laborers And Pioneers. This Is Obviously Criminal Trespass. The Goondaism Of Delhi Police And Modi Government Has Arrived At Its Peak,” Congress Boss Representative Randeep Surjewala Told Correspondents.

    The Party Requested That A FIR For “Criminal Trespass” Be Enrolled, The Blundering Police Staff Be Suspended And Disciplinary Activity Started Against Them.

    Surjewala Said The Party’s State Units Would Organize Quiet Fights Wednesday Night And Would Gherao Raj Bhawans The Nation Over Thursday Morning Against The Police Activity.

    “We Are Fighting Calmly In A Gandhian Manner Yet Such Sort Of Conduct And Goondaism Are Unsuitable And Won’t Go On Without Serious Consequences,” Surjewala Said.

    “Let All The Cops Who Are Going About As Manikins Of Modi Government To Satisfy Their Lords Know That This Won’t Be Tolerated. We Will Recollect And Reasonable Move, Both Common And Criminal, Will Be Initiated,” He Said.

    AICC General Secretary K C Venugopal Shared A Video Of The Police Entering The Party Central Command.

    “As They Burst The Entryways Open To The AICC HQ, They Stomped All Over The Vote Based System Our Ancestors Battled And Gave Their Lives For. BJP Has Really Killed Indian Majority Rules System. It Doesn’t Get Hazier Than This,” He Said.

    Congress Pioneers Asserted This Was The Initial Time In The Country That Party Laborers Were Not Permitted To Enter The AICC Office.

    Previous Association Serve P Chidambaram Likewise Said The Police Activity At The AICC Office Was An “Crazy Infringement Of Freedom” And Each Legitimate And Political Standard In A Vote Based System Was “Disregarded”.

    “What The Police Did At The AICC Office Earlier Today Was A Ridiculous Infringement Of Freedom,” He Said.

    The Police Had No Court Order Or Capture Warrant, Yet They Entered The Workplace, Took Out Congress Pioneers And Individuals, Including Mps, And Tossed Them Out And About, He Affirmed.

    “The Messing Up Of Mr Adhir Ranjan Chowdhury And Others Has Been Caught On Record,” Chidambaram Said.

    “Each Lawful Standard And Political Standard In A Majority Rule Government Was Disregarded. We Denounce The Activity Of The Police In The Most Grounded Terms,” He Said.

    Pilot, Who Was Picked By The Police And Removed, Said The “Police Ruthlessness” Won’t Yield Results As The Party Is Enduring In Its Purpose To Open Endeavors To Scare The Resistance.

    The Previous Rajasthan Vice President Serve Said He Was Entering The AICC Base Camp Alongside Certain Pioneers When They Were “Pushed Into A Transport” And Taken To The Narela Police Headquarters.

    A Few Youth Congress And Mahila Congress Laborers Fighting External The Congress Office On Akbar Road Were Messed Up By The Police And Effectively Removed, A Party Specialist Said.

    Delhi Pradesh Congress Laborers Likewise Organized A Dissent Outside The Vigorously Blockaded ED Office Against Party Pioneer Rahul Gandhi’s Scrutinizing By The Test Organization In The National Herald Tax Evasion Case.

    The Case Relates To Supposed Monetary Abnormalities In The Congress-Advanced Young Indian Private Limited, Which Claims The National Herald Paper.

    The Paper Is Distributed By The AJL And Possessed By Young Indian Private Limited.

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