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Congress slams Assam CM over Shah Rukh’s phone call: ‘Those who became Sanghis…’

World NewsIndia NewsCongress slams Assam CM over Shah Rukh's phone call: 'Those who became Sanghis...'

The Congress on Sunday slammed Assam Chief Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma after her. Bollywood actor’s assurance Shah Rukh Khan said that his government will ensure that no untoward incident takes place during the screening of the film ‘Pathan’. Congress media and publicity department chief Pawan Khera said those who became ‘Sanghis’ to form the government had to become Congressmen to rule on ‘Raj Dharma’, the Sanskrit term for the duty of rulers.

“Those who became Sanghis to form the government also have to become Congressmen to run the Rajdharma government,” Khera said in a tweet in Hindi.

His tweet came in the backdrop of the Assam Chief Minister’s comments on the destruction of Pathan film posters by volunteers of a far-right group in Guwahati. Several Bajrang Dal members allegedly broke into a cinema hall in Narangi area on Friday, vandalized property and burnt posters of ‘Pathan’.

Asked about the incident, Sarma said on Saturday “Who is Shah Rukh Khan? Why should we care? We already have so many Shah Rukh Khans?”

He added, “I have not heard of a film called ‘Pathan’ and I have no time for it.”

However, they assured that they would take action if any incident of breach of law and order was reported.

“If law and order is violated, action will be taken. But till now I have not received any complaint from cinema hall owners or film makers. If there is any incident Shah Rukh Khan himself should call me. Yes, if he does, I will look into the matter,” the Assam chief minister said.

On Sunday, Sarma said that Shah Rukh Khan called her late at night expressing concern over the alleged protest against the release of her film. Sarma said that he has assured Shah Rukh that the state government will ensure that no such untoward incident happens again.

“Bollywood actor Shri @iamsrk called me and we spoke at 2 am today. He expressed concern over an incident in Guwahati during the screening of his film. I assured him that maintaining law and order It is the duty of the state government. Inquire and ensure that such untoward incidents do not happen,” the BJP leader tweeted.


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