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Covid-19 fatalities in Canada cross 50,000

World NewsCovid-19 fatalities in Canada cross 50,000

Toronto: Canada hit a grim milestone this week, with the country’s total number of deaths due to the Covid-19 pandemic surpassing 50,000.

In its latest update of coronavirus statistics on Monday, the Public Health Agency of Canada (PHAC) put the total number at 50,135.

According to outlet Global News, the province that recorded the most deaths due to the pandemic was Quebec, with 17,865, while Ontario had 15,786.

PHAC also reported that 13,948 new cases have been detected over the past seven days, bringing the nationwide total to just under 4.5 million since the first cases were reported in the spring of 2020. . Apart from this, 222 more deaths were also reported with a weekly positive rate of 13.4%.

While subtypes of Omicron have been circulating in Canada, health officials have expressed muted concern as fresh cases are reported. On Monday, a release from PHAC reiterated its appeal to Canadians to continue getting vaccinated as an “important health measure.” It recommends that “everyone stay up-to-date on their Covid-19 vaccinations by getting all recommended doses.”

It added that if more than six months had passed since a person received the last dose or was infected with Covid-19, it was “time to get a booster” and that it was “especially important”. was if the person was “at high risk. of severe illness from Covid-19”.

The National Advisory Committee on Immunization (NACI) issued new guidance on Friday that says the bivalent mRNA vaccine is the “preferred booster product for all individuals 5 years of age and older.” “Should be. Such vaccines target both the original Wuhan variant and the Omicron variant of the coronavirus. They have been available in Canada since September of last year.

The recommendation to increase the booster dose comes as the rate of cases caused by the XBB.1.5 subtype is expected to increase to 7% of total this month, compared to a frequency of 2.5% between December 25 and January. Found out. 2.

“While XBB variants are expected to increase in Canada, it is unknown if they will become the dominant lineage,” said Dr. Theresa Tom, Canada’s Chief Public Health Officer.

However, concerns over a sharp increase in cases attributed to Omicron in early 2022 were muted, as Tam said, “Nationally, the absolute number of cases is not increasing at this time, and Nor is there any evidence of increased intensity with it or with new variables.”


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