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Deepika Padukone shows off skincare routine in new video, fans call her flawless: ‘She doesn’t need makeup’

Entertainment NewsDeepika Padukone shows off skincare routine in new video, fans call her flawless: 'She doesn't need makeup'

Deepika Padukone is gearing up for her next film Pathan and is also attending parties and events, which means lots of heavy make-up and not enough sleep. But the actor isn’t letting his skin care routine get in the way. on Friday, Deepika Padukone took to Instagram to share her beauty secret that keeps her face fresh – the cleanser from her new skincare brand 82E. Fans reacted to Deepika’s video, with many complimenting her makeup-free skin, saying that she is ‘glovin’ even without makeup. Also read: Fans are in awe as Deepika Padukone flaunts her makeup-free, filterless skin in a new video

In a video she shared, Deepika is seen lathering her brand’s cleanser all over her makeup-free face, and talks about how she uses it to rejuvenate her skin faster. she does. Wearing a brown tank top, she explained her ‘cleansing routine’. She applied the product to her face and neck for ‘about a minute’. After washing her face, she looked at it in the mirror, and said, “Feels very, very hydrated, doesn’t feel dry… (skin) feels plump.”

“Cleansing is one of the most essential pillars of my skincare routine. How I do it: I take two pumps of Lotus Splash Face Cleanser, gently massage into my face and neck and leave clean, hydrated and healthy. Dry for skin. Lotus extract and bioflavonoids, it helps remove oil, dust and dirt and leaves me feeling refreshed,” Deepika captioned her video on Instagram. Reacting to her video, one fan wrote, “She doesn’t need makeup…flawless.” Another commented, “You’re so beautiful even without makeup.” Others left comments like ‘glowing’ and ‘beautiful’.

This is not the first time that Deepika has credited a product from her new brand for her smooth skin. Last year, after the actor launched his skincare brand 82E, he featured in a video for it. His makeup artist Sandhya Shekhar was seen using Deepika’s brand of products on the actor’s face. The video was made ahead of Deepika’s appearance at the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar, where she unveiled the trophy before the final match between Argentina and France. The trophy box was designed by Louis Vuitton for which Deepika is the international ambassador.

Deepika will soon be seen in the film Pathan. Shahrukh Khan. The action film, which also stars John Abraham, will hit theaters on January 25. It is directed by Siddharth Anand. Deepika also has Project K, shot simultaneously in Telugu and Hindi languages, and marks her Telugu film debut. The film also stars Prabhas and Amitabh Bachchan.


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