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Dhirendra Shastri’s response to ‘miraculous power’ challenge: ‘What I write…’

World NewsIndia NewsDhirendra Shastri's response to 'miraculous power' challenge: 'What I write...'

Dhirendra Krishna Shastri or Bageshwar Dham SarkarA self-proclaimed godman claimed that he acquired this skill by “God’s grace” and “the power of Sanatana Dharma mantras”, when a Maharashtra-based organization asked him to demonstrate his miraculous powers at an event. What was the challenge? Nagpur.

Shastri, who resides in the Chhatarpur area of ​​Bundelkhand in Madhya Pradesh, courted controversy when he allegedly ran away from the challenge of the Maharashtra-based Andha Shraddha Nirmulan Samiti.

Such people will keep coming. We don’t have a locked room. They (those who have challenged him) come and see for themselves. Anyone can challenge my words and actions on camera. Millions came and sat in Bageshwar Balaji’s court. Whatever inspires me, I will write and what I write will be true. I have faith in my God,” news agency ANI quoted Shastri as saying in Raipur.

When asked about the chit he writes about what the future holds for his devotees, Shastri replied, “I owe this talent to the grace of God, our Guru and the mantras of Sanatana Dharma.” Achieved by power. Everyone should experience it. This is the declaration of Satya Sanatana Dharma.

Shastri said that anyone speaking against Sanatan Dharma will be boycotted, ANI added.

On the alleged religious conversion, Shastri said, “We are making Hindus to return to the religion they got at birth. Some people are creating trouble. They have to be taught a lesson. As long as I am alive.” Yes, I will return all Sanaani Hindus to their original faith.

Dhirendra Shastri


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