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‘Don’t use my name to attack Cristiano’: Bruno Fernandes blasts Ronaldo after Manchester derby win

FeaturedSports News'Don't use my name to attack Cristiano': Bruno Fernandes blasts Ronaldo after Manchester derby win

Bruno Fernandes has hit back at claims the Portuguese star targeted Cristiano Ronaldo following Manchester United’s impressive 2-1 win over local rivals Manchester City on Saturday. Fernandes scored a controversial equalizer for the Red Devils in the 78th minute and Marcus Rashford scored the winner three minutes later.

The Red Devils had a slow start, which saw them suffer a humiliating 4-0 defeat against promoted side Brentford in August. Since the humiliating defeat, United have won 12 of 16 Premier League games. The win against City extended their winning streak to five. They are currently fourth on the points table, having collected 38 points from 18 matches.

Fernandes gave his thoughts on Manchester United’s changes following the 4-0 defeat against Brentford in August. He touched on the subject again after United’s derby win, where he said: “(We were) individuals before, now we’re a team. You can see a proper team that works for each other.”

Fernandes’ comments were misinterpreted by many, who felt the midfielder was taking a swipe at Ronaldo, who was released by the club following his explosive interview with British journalist Piers Morgan. In the interview, Ronaldo criticized both the club and current manager Erik ten Hague.

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However, Fernandes was quick to dismiss the allegation and took to social media to clarify his stance. “Someone posted the exact words I said! I know it’s hard to see Manchester United doing well and we have nothing but good things to say about us on the news.

“Don’t use my name to attack Cristiano!

“Cristiano was part of our team for half of the season and as I’ve said in many interviews Liverpool are amazing and are working like a proper team and you can see the results! Let’s continue Will,” he wrote. Instagram.

Apart from the Premier League, United have also reached the semi-finals of the League Cup, where they will face Nottingham Forest.

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