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Draft charge sheet on Walker murder prepared

World NewsIndia NewsDraft charge sheet on Walker murder prepared

A mix of forensic and electronic evidence, along with the testimonies of 55 people, is likely to be central to the Delhi Police’s prosecution of Aftab Poonawalla, who is accused of murdering his girlfriend Shraddha Walker and dismembering her body. . Officials who cited details from the draft charge sheet.

Spanning more than 3,000 pages, the chargesheet ties together numerous circumstantial evidence and confessions made by Poonawalla to police, which are not normally admissible in a trial, DNA matches to human remains and mobile network logs. As with material evidence.

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“We have received important test reports such as DNA profiling evidence that confirmed the bones as Walker’s. Several test results are pending. In addition, electronic evidence links Poonawalla to the murder. Two types of The evidence (forensic and electronic) proves our case beyond doubt that he was killed by Poonawalla. This is enough to support our case,” said a police officer on condition of anonymity.

Walker’s murder in May last year went unsolved for months, and police spent weeks trying to find her remains, which Poonawalla allegedly chopped into 35 pieces before dispersing them in urban forests in south Delhi. Admitted to biting.

From the prosecution’s point of view, Poonawalla’s confession to the police would not have been sufficient to establish guilt. The major breakthrough came when 13 decomposed body parts, mostly bone fragments, were recovered at Poonawalla’s insistence with a DNA match that confirmed the 27-year-old was murdered.

That she was killed by Poonawalla will now have to be proven in court, which police want to do with testimony from witnesses, including people who were aware of Walker’s alleged domestic violence victim, and phone records that show that last victim. Prove to the person that it was seen. He had a partner with him.

“Even the narco test results, though inadmissible during the trial, are positive and support our case. Our case is that he strangled her with his hands and then cut the body parts. used a saw and many other tools,” the officer said. Police said in the charge sheet that Poonawalla killed Walker after a fight on May 18.

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Two DNA reports have confirmed that the bones found in the forests of south Delhi are those of Walker. A third forensic report also confirmed that traces of blood found in the Chhatarpur flat where the couple lived belonged to Walker and analysis of the remains confirmed that he had been cut with a saw, which is located in Pune. Wala had said.

Police recovered a saw, several knives and several other tools from the flat where Walker was killed last year.

Listing some key electronic circumstantial evidence against Poonawalla, the officer said Poonawalla continued to use Walker’s phone and credit card even after the murder. The police are also basing their case on the fact that Walker was last seen alive in the company of her boyfriend, Poonawalla, which is also proven by the cell phone location of Walker and Poonawalla’s phones. While Walker was killed on May 18, police have electronic evidence to prove that Poonawalla was using his phone and social media accounts till May 29, after which the phone never turned on.

Witnesses include at least 15 of Walker’s friends and former colleagues. A key witness is Rahul Roy, who along with another person helped Walker approach the Mumbai police with an assault complaint against Poonawalla in December 2020. The man reportedly told police that Walker had received death threats from Poonawalla on two occasions – on both occasions, he allegedly said he would strangle her to death. will make.

Poonawalla, a call center executive, was arrested by the Delhi Police on November 12. The couple, from Vasai near Mumbai, had been in a relationship for years and moved to Delhi in May 2022.

Walker was estranged from her family, who said they opposed her relationship with Poonawalla. The murder came to light after a friend told Walker’s father Vikas Madan Walker that he had not heard from him for at least two months.

Her father then informed the Mumbai police in October. A month-long investigation by the Mumbai police led them to the Mehrauli police station area in south Delhi, where the duo had rented a one-bedroom flat. A joint investigation led police to one of the deadliest murders of the past year.

On 12 November 2022, after several days of questioning, Poonawalla told police that he had killed Walker on 18 May 2022 in his Chhatrapur flat, dismembering her body into at least 35 pieces over two days. Done, put them in the fridge. For about three months, and broken into pieces.


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