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Fans cry over SS Rajamouli’s inspiring speech at Critics’ Choice Awards, Kangana Ranaut also reacts

Entertainment NewsFans cry over SS Rajamouli's inspiring speech at Critics' Choice Awards, Kangana Ranaut also reacts

SS Rajamouli During his acceptance speech recently, he credited the many women in his life for his success as his film RRR won the Critics’ Choice Award for Best Foreign Language Film. The film also won the best song award for Natu Natu at the awards held in Los Angeles on Monday. Everyone from Kangana Ranaut to Rajamouli’s fans have reacted to his speech which ended with his “Jai Hind”. Also read: SS Rajamouli met James Cameron who liked RRR so much that he watched it twice

The video of Rajamouli’s speech was shared by RRR’s official Twitter handle with the caption, “RRR Won Best Foreign Language Film at the #CritcsChoiceawards. Here’s @ssrajamouli’s acceptance speech!! My Bharat Mahan #RRRMovie.”

Dedicating his award to the women in his life, Rajamouli said in his acceptance speech, “All the women in my life, my mother Rajnandini, she thought schooling was overrated and they made me laugh. and read story books and they encouraged me. Creativity. My sister-in-law Sri Valli, who became like a mother to me, always encouraged me to be the best version of myself. My wife Rama, she My films have costume designers but more than that, she is a designer. If not for her, I would not be here today, she does nothing for my daughters, just a smile is enough to brighten my life.”

Sharing the video of Rajamouli’s speech on his Instagram stories, Kangana Ranaut wrote, “Since Indians are considered the highest earning/most successful community in the USA and to be honest many people are wondering how we do it even after starting from scratch. … Much of this comes from our strong family system… We really do get a lot of emotional + financial + mental support from our families… and families are created by women, nurture them and a stick with each other.”

Kangana Ranaut reacts to SS Rajamoulis speech.

A fan complimented Rajamouli on his choice of words and commented on the video, “Rajamouli started his speech with Indraki Namaskaram and ended with simply Bharat Mahan Jai Hind! He is Rajamouli.” Another wrote on Twitter, “Those last words ‘Meri Madar Watan, Hindostan, Mera Bharat Mahan’ made me laugh. #SSRajamouli proves once again that anything in this world. No what you can’t get.. true hero and true inspiration.” Another fan tweeted, “No seriously. I don’t know why my eyes started watering when @ssrajamouli garu said “My mother Vatan, Mera Bharat Mahaan”. This pride we celebrate not only for its crew. @RRRMovie but for all Indians who appreciate cinema. This is cinema.”



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