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Flypasser stills show at the end of the Republic Day parade

World NewsIndia NewsFlypasser stills show at the end of the Republic Day parade

A spectacular flypast served as the finale to the annual Republic Day parade, as the nation celebrated its 74th Republic Day on Thursday, marking 73 years of being an independent, democratic and democratic state.

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Forty-five aircraft of the Indian Air Force (IAF), four helicopters of the Indian Army and one aircraft of the Indian Navy participated in the air show. Airplanes and helicopters, both vintage and modern, performed the exercise, and in various forms (Baz, Prachand, Taranga, Tangail, Vajrang, Garuda, Bheem, Amrit and Trishul).

Raphael, who inaugurated Republic Day in 2021, ended this year’s celebration by doing a vertical Charlie maneuver. Like last year, state broadcaster Doordarshan aired videos of the cockpit during the flypast.

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The IL-38, an aircraft that has served the Navy for more than forty years, represented the force at the flypast. First and last appearance in practice.


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