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Former Dutch hockey great Brinkmann is now a nervous spectator.

FeaturedSports NewsFormer Dutch hockey great Brinkmann is now a nervous spectator.

Even though the Netherlands were winning 14-0 against Chile, Jake Brinkman was restless, nervously tapping his foot. Despite experiencing the thrill and excitement of the game as a player for 13 years, the Dutch legend still gets a little nervous watching his team play at the World Cup, especially when his son plays. have been

Thierry Brinkmann is the captain of the Dutch team, which is looking to win its first World Cup since 1998 when his father led the Netherlands to gold in Utrecht.

“Well, I’m not really that nervous but of course the closer we get to important matches like the quarter-finals, I start to get a bit nervous,” laughed Jacques, who played for Holland in 1996 and 2000. He also won Olympic gold. .

“Before, I used to be an analyst for Dutch television and newspapers, but when Thierry joined the Netherlands team, I stopped all that. I am now just a father of a player, a supporter of the team. I have been for many years. It’s been like that. I’m really proud that he’s the captain of the team. He’s playing great, he’s scoring a lot of goals, providing a lot of assists. I’m just so proud.”

Jacques traveled to Rourkela with his wife to watch the Netherlands’ matches against Malaysia and New Zealand, before coming to Bhubaneswar for the final Pool C match against Chile. The Oranje beat Chile 14-0, the biggest margin of victory in World Cup history.

Thierry has scored five goals, including a hat-trick against Chile, and provided numerous assists in this World Cup. He won a silver medal with the Dutch at the 2018 World Cup here.

“We talk during the tournament but I don’t talk about strategy or anything. I just say things like a good goal or a good assist or ask him how his hotel is, how he feels. “Sometimes the Dutch Hockey Association organizes a session with parents and all. The players have some nice talks. Besides, we don’t go to the team hotel,” says Jacques.

This is not the first time Jax has come to India to watch his son play. The two-time World Cup winner in 1990 and 1998 came to New Delhi to watch Thierry play in the 2013 Junior World Cup. “It was the last time. We didn’t come to Bhubaneswar during the 2018 World Cup,” Jacques said.

The Netherlands won the bronze medal in 2013 with Thierry scoring six goals. Asked if Thierry was under the spotlight and pressure as the son of a Dutch legend, Jacques said: “He can handle the pressure. He’s restless. That’s his strength.”

Jacques though has visited India several times during his career spanning from 1987 to 2000. “My favorite Indian player was Dhanraj Pillai. He used to score beautiful goals. He was really brilliant. I also met Jagbir Singh in Rourkela, who is now a commentator. We met after 15 years. He was great. We talked about old times,” Jax concluded.

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