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‘Ground shook violently, like a quake’: Man recounts horror of Nepal plane crash

World News‘Ground shook violently, like a quake’: Man recounts horror of Nepal plane crash

A witness who recorded video of the Yeti Airlines plane landing moments before it crashed near Nepal’s Pokhara International Airport said he saw the plane descend before it suddenly turned left. Turn aside. Dewas Bohora, a local who witnessed the crash from his balcony, said he was shocked to see the plane nose dive suddenly and thought that once it crashed, he too would die. (Also read | Nepal plane crash: Dead UP man went to Pashupatinath temple to give birth to son)

“I saw that and I was shocked… I thought everything would be over after the crash here today, I would also die,” Bohora said. “After it fell, red flames erupted and the ground shook like an earthquake.”

“I was scared. Seeing this scene I was scared.

Eyewitness accounts have been pouring in since the tragic air crash, Nepal’s worst in three decades. An eyewitness said he saw the plane spin violently after landing and crash into a ravine.

A local Bishnu Tiwari, who rushed to the accident site to help search for the bodies, heard cries for help from inside the burning wreckage.

The flames were so hot that we could not get close to the wreckage. I heard a man calling for help, but we couldn’t help him because of the flames and smoke,” AP quoted Tiwari as saying.

After wrapping up the search operation on Sunday evening, authorities said they had recovered the remains of 68 people on board the 72-seat passenger plane. However, the death toll was revised to 66 after a recount on Monday morning, said Tek Bahadur KC, a senior administrative officer in Kaski district.

On Monday morning, rescuers found the black boxes — a cockpit voice recorder and flight data recorder — that data could prove crucial in determining the cause of the crash.


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