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Hansal Mehta hit back after a Twitter user slammed him as a ‘shameless person exploiting a terrible tragedy’

Entertainment NewsHansal Mehta hit back after a Twitter user slammed him as a 'shameless person exploiting a terrible tragedy'

The film maker Hansal Mehta A Twitter user has hit back after calling Faraz a ‘shameless person’ for making the remark. The upcoming film is based on the 2016 terrorist attack on the Holy Artisan Cafe in Dhaka, Bangladesh. The film is jointly produced by T-Series and Banaras Media in association with Mahana Films. (Also read | Faraz trailer: Shashi Kapoor’s grandson Zahaan takes on ‘Islam Ke Thekedar’ in Hansal Mehta’s film. the clock)

Reacting to Hansel’s tweet unveiling the trailer, the man wrote on Saturday, “You should be ashamed of yourself, you are a shameless person, you are profiting without permission from the victims’ families. Why don’t you make a film about the events of your own country, for exploiting a terrible tragedy?

Sharing a link to an article, Hansel replied, “Hopefully this piece will give you an opportunity to take a more balanced view on the matter. Please read.” The above article talked about ‘artistic freedom’, ‘allowing grief to enter censorship’ and ‘cancelling culture’. It also explained how the attack was linked to several ‘larger national and global trends’. The film is slated to hit theaters on February 3.

Faraz is slated to hit theaters on February 3.

As quoted by news agency PTI, Hansel said, “Designed as a nail-biting thriller that unfolds in a tense night, my attempt with Faraz is about that immense courage and humanity. It has also been about shining a light on what needs to be stood up against. Because standing up against bigotry and the carnage it causes is the only way to defeat it.”

Reportedly, Anubhu praised Hansal for doing justice to the story of the devastating incident that shocked the world. “It is the story of a hero who made a brave choice and celebrates the passion of a young boy who stood tall for his loved ones,” he added.

Faraz is the debut film of late Shashi Kapoor’s grandson Zahaan Kapoor. The film also stars Aditya Rawal, son of actors Paresh Rawal and Swarup Rawal. The film had its world premiere at the 2022 edition of the BFI London Film Festival. Juhi Babbar, Aamir Ali, Sachin Lalwani, Pulak Lalwani and Resham Sahani are also in the cast of the film.

Earlier this week, while hearing a petition by the families of the terror attack victims against the film’s release, the Delhi High Court asked the parties to meet to resolve their differences.

The mothers of two victims objected to the film’s release on the grounds of invasion of privacy. Noting that the filmmakers would not want the film to “stay in the box”, the court said showing it to the family could end their case, as reported by PTI.


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