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High blood pressure drugs could be repurposed to delay aging: Research

Health & FitnessHigh blood pressure drugs could be repurposed to delay aging: Research

ANI | | Posted by Taptrisha Das.Washington

Researchers have found that the drug rilmenidine can Aging and aging is slow..

Published in Aging Cell, the results show that animals treated with ralmenidine, which is currently used to treat high blood pressure, have increased lifespan and health markers in both young and old. Improves, mimics the effects of calorie restriction.

They also show that the health duration and lifespan benefits of rilmenidine treatment in the roundworm C. elegans are mediated through the I1-imidazoline receptor nish-1, identifying this receptor as a potential longevity target. are

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Unlike other drugs previously studied for this purpose by researchers, The widely prescribed, oral antihypertensive ralmenidine has potential for future translation to humans because side effects are rare and mild.

To date, a calorie-restricted diet has been considered the most potent antiaging intervention, promoting longevity in all species. However, studies of calorie restriction in humans have produced mixed results and side effects, finding drugs such as rilmenidine that Simulate the benefits of calorie restriction. The most reasonable anti-aging strategy.

Professor Joao Pedro Magalhaes, who led the research at the University of Liverpool and is now based at the University of Birmingham, said: “With a global aging population, the benefits of delaying ageing, even slightly, are enormous. Translational geriatrics has a huge untapped potential to extend lifespan and health. For the first time, we have been able to show in animals that ralmenidine can extend lifespan.

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