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High Blood Pressure: Simple Ways to Control Blood Pressure During Cold Wave

Health & FitnessHigh Blood Pressure: Simple Ways to Control Blood Pressure During Cold Wave

It’s important to make the right lifestyle changes in winter to ensure that your blood pressure levels stay healthy. People should refrain. Seductive lifestyleGet out of your comfort zone on fatty foods and winters. Getting out in the sun, getting some exercise and eating plenty of fruits and vegetables can definitely help control blood pressure naturally. In addition, one should also consult their health care professional and control their blood pressure medications. (Also read: (High Cholesterol: Effective Lifestyle Changes to Lower Cholesterol in Winter)

Dr. Abhijeet M. Deshmukh, consultant physician, says, “Slowly but surely in winter, people with high blood pressure need to be extra careful. Studies from around the world have shown that blood pressure readings during winters are There is more.” Ruby Hall Clinic.

How to avoid increase in blood pressure in winter?

They also suggest some simple steps to avoid high blood pressure in winter.

Limit alcohol and caffeine intake.

Limit alcohol and caffeine intake as they can increase heat loss from the body, leading to high blood pressure. Drink plenty of water and other hydrating foods.

Say no to rubbish.

Avoid fast food as it can lead to an increase in cholesterol levels which can lead to high blood pressure.

Appropriate clothing

Wear warm clothes to avoid losing body heat, which can lead to high blood pressure.


30-45 minutes of regular physical activity is important because overall levels of physical activity are lower in winter and sedentary lifestyles are associated with high blood pressure.

Take vitamin D.

Vitamin D supplementation is essential in winters as vitamin D levels decrease during the season, which increases blood pressure.

Protect yourself from pollution.

Areas of heavy pollution should be avoided as pollution can stimulate the release of endothelium hormone in the body which can increase blood pressure.

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