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Hindu temple in US raided by burglars, valuables stolen

World NewsHindu temple in US raided by burglars, valuables stolen

According to a media report, a Hindu temple in the US state of Texas has been raided by thieves who have stolen some valuables from the premises, leaving the Indian community in a state of shock.

KBTX-TV reported Friday that the incident happened Jan. 11 at the Shree Omkarnath Temple in Brazos Valley, Texas.

“There was a sense of attack, a sense of loss of privacy when something like this happened to us,” said Srinivasa Sankari, board member of the Brazos Valley Shree Omkarnath Temple.

It is the only Hindu temple in the Brazos Valley, a place for local Hindus to worship, and find peace and community.

“There was a break-in. They entered through a side window and what was immediately missing was our donation box and a safe in which we keep our valuables,” Sankari said.

He said the priest and his family, who live in an apartment just behind the temple, are safe.

A video captured by security cameras inside the temple shows a man walking straight to the donation box, ignoring the shrine. The suspect then used Temple’s vehicle to drive him out the door.

Sankari says he informed community members at a gathering on Sunday, and shared the leaders’ sentiments for more security. But, he says the group will not let the incident deter them from their determination.

“We will go back, we will take extra precautions to make sure our priest is safe and this family is safe and our synagogue is safe. And we hope that something like this happens to someone in the future. Don’t be,” Sankari said.

The Brazos County Sheriff’s Office says they are investigating the theft.


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