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Honey Singh recalls praying for death every day, every night: ‘I had Covid-19 of mental health’

Entertainment NewsHoney Singh recalls praying for death every day, every night: 'I had Covid-19 of mental health'

Yo Yo Honey Singh’s New album Honey 3.0 is out. The rapper-singer took a break from making music around 2016. In a new interview, he opens up about his struggles with depression and opens up about his mental health. Talking about his difficult journey to get treatment, Yoo Honey Singh also revealed how he lost a lot of sleep in the process and became an alcoholic. (Also read: ‘Girls of our country should learn from Orfi Javed’, says Honey Singh, calling her fearless and brave)

Honey Singh also said that he never had anxiety and depression and it took more than two years to get it diagnosed and more than three years to find a suitable doctor for treatment. This was the reason for his long absence from music.

In an interview with Brit India, Yoo Honey Singh spoke about her mental health journey and why it took her so long to recover. “Brother, mental health is a disease that has many different conditions. I would like to tell this to all my younger brothers… that it has many colors, anxiety, depression, it is nothing… it is just a cold sore. .Covid-19 was a mental health issue. It’s a symptom of mental illness. They say bipolar disorder. It’s a dangerous thing. Don’t let anyone, not even my enemy. Prayed for death. Mental health has many variations I would like to tell everyone, it has many colors, anxiety, depression is not even close… It’s similar to coughs and colds. I like mental health. had covid. It is known as the psychotic syndrome of bipolar disorder which is very dangerous. I wish no one had this disease, not even my enemies.)

Last year, Yoo Honey Singh introduced model-actress Tina Thadani as his girlfriend at an event in Delhi. In 2022, Tina starred in Honey Singh’s Trip to Paris music video. He was previously married to Shalini Talwar. Honey and Shalini got divorced in September last year. He reportedly paid an alimony. 1 crore for divorce settlement. Now Yo Yo Honey Singh is all set to return to the industry after a long break. Among his latest film songs is Di Tali from Bhol Bholiya 2 featuring Karthik Aaryan. He will also sing in Akshay Kumar’s upcoming film Selfie and Salman Khan’s Kasi Ka Bhai Kasi Ki Jaan.

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