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IIT-Hyderabad Report on Support Structure Defects for Metro Pillar Collapse: Police

World NewsIndia NewsIIT-Hyderabad Report on Support Structure Defects for Metro Pillar Collapse: Police

BENGALURU: Three days after the Indian Institute of Science (IISC) submitted its report to the Bangalore Metro Rail Corporation Limited (BMRCL) regarding the collapse of the metro pillar, IIT Hyderabad The team found flaws in the structure responsible for the collapse of the reinforcement cage. Bengaluru’s HBR Layout, said a senior police officer.

According to the police, a charge sheet will be filed against the accused on the basis of this report that the measures were insufficient.

The FIR registered by the police has so far named nine people, including construction company Nagarjuna Construction Company (NCC). Bhima Shankar S Guild, Deputy Commissioner of Police (East), said that 15 more people have been called for questioning about the incident.

“A day after the incident, BMRCL was asked to inspect 200 pillars in the area where the accident took place. After getting permission to inspect, police officers personally checked these 200 pillars to to ensure that no such incident takes place in the future,” Guld said.

“The accused have been booked under Section 304A of the Indian Penal Code (IPC), which carries a two-year sentence for causing death by negligence.”

The accident took place on January 10 near the city’s HBR layout when the reinforcement cage of Pier No. 218 of the KR Puram-Airport Metro Line fell on a motorcycle, killing two people. BMRCL, which has faced criticism over the incident, has approached IISC to investigate the cause of the accident.

Meanwhile, the Bengaluru police searched IIT-Hyderabad to find out the cause of the accident. “Initially, we wanted IISc to be involved. But we found that IISc was advising BMRCL, including drawing and design. We thought there would be a conflict of interest if we used the same people. So, we decided to get professors from IIT-Hyderabad,” said a senior police officer.

According to experts from IIT Hyderabad, the under-construction Metro Pier collapsed due to lack of proper support and improper design of supporting structures. “It is the responsibility of BMRCL. They should have asked why extra help was not given. But maybe because these people have done this many times across Bengaluru, they are on the stuff in the engineering textbooks. Instead of relying partly on their luck and partly on their skill,” said a senior police officer.

Professor JM Chandra Kishan of the Department of Civil Engineering at IISC, who conducted the inquiry and submitted the report to BMRCL, also found that the long reinforced cage behind the collapse of the metro pillar was inadequately supported. There was structure.

Meanwhile, civic experts called for legal and political accountability in such incidents. “In my opinion, if only the contractor is held accountable, I would consider that a bad outcome. The right outcome is for someone at Metro to be held accountable. All the evidence shows that Metro did nothing right. Metro has its own work to do. There were no clear standards for safe movement of vehicles and pedestrians in areas of What should be done should be done,” said urban expert Ashwin Mahesh.

We must also ask which minister is responsible. We are in a situation where there is no minister in Bengaluru. The government should decide who to blame when things go wrong. We treat every issue as technical or administrative. But the entire governance framework is at fault,” said Mahesh.

“Accidents can happen. There’s nothing you can do about it. But I think the basic minimum protocols for safe work are still not in place today. Anywhere you go where metro construction is going on, it’s scary. The dream is there. The attitude is that we are going to do our job, everyone else will manage. That is the whole way. Fundamentally there should be legal and political accountability,” added Mahesh.

Sandeep Anirudhan, civic activist and convenor of Citizens Agenda, Bengaluru, said, “Even after floods, pothole deaths, public infrastructure collapses, drownings, etc., we have not held any official responsible or Not heard of punishment.. It is very clear that our laws and service rules do not punish government officials for dereliction of duty or incompetence. Then where is the fear of doing shoddy and irresponsible work? Our elected MLAs and What do MPs do? Isn’t it their primary job to legislate better laws, and update laws with such penal provisions to improve the performance of public officials?”

“In the case of the Metro pillar collapse, it has been revealed that public works contractors are doing what they want. If even after two decades of construction, there are no standards, no SOPs, no safety protocols, third-party inspectors. With no oversight, was this a disaster waiting to happen? Are our authorities incapable of following the best practices around the world? Does our city seem to be just getting lucky? Anirudhan added.

Mahesh said there is a need for a structure to monitor and enforce safety norms to prevent such incidents in future. “The safety standards to be followed by the Metro should be set by the BMLTA, not the Metro. Periodically, every three months, the BMLTA should issue a certificate on compliance of these safety norms by the Metro. “If this is not done, the Metro should be stopped for criminal violation of safety norms. So, you put in place a structure and a formal procedure,” said Mahesh.


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