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Industry related subjects to be included in engineering colleges: AICTE Chairperson TG Seetharam

World NewsIndia NewsIndustry related subjects to be included in engineering colleges: AICTE Chairperson TG Seetharam

All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE) chairperson TG Seetharam said that to tackle the current crisis of vacant seats in engineering colleges across the country, the government has decided to strengthen core engineering courses and “industry-relevant” subjects in these colleges. The direction to introduce will work. .

The former director of IIT-Guwahati, who took charge of India’s technical education regulator last month, also told HT’s Fareeha Iftikhar that a “regular feedback loop” is needed to bridge the gap between academia and industry. Institutional system” needs to be established. Edited quotes:

What will be your top priority as AICTE Chairperson?

AICTE will focus on spearheading an industrial co-innovation network focusing on diverse research areas in collaboration with international institutions and research centres. I will focus on strengthening AICTE to create better opportunities in the field of employment generation and entrepreneurship, and to create an ecosystem for collaborative innovation and start-ups.

Every year, a large number of engineering seats are vacant across the country. How will you deal with this crisis?

AICTE will give more emphasis on core engineering subjects. AICTE recommends adding “industry-relevant” disciplines to existing colleges. Unlike public health engineers, who work on issues such as waste and water management and environmental health, communications and security engineers may, among other things, be responsible for protecting sensitive data from cyber attacks. India has done a great job of building a vast infrastructure to provide engineering education to thousands of candidates in every state every year. However, to meet the demands of the next generation of engineering skills, we need to enhance high-quality technical education.

Do you think there is a need for reforms in engineering education in India?

To ensure that students graduating from educational institutions have the necessary skills for the jobs they want, these institutions should regularly assess future skill needs and make appropriate modifications to content and teaching. Therefore, it is important to establish an institutional system for regular industry feedback on technological developments and their impact on job positions.

We have seen a gradual increase in management seats in AICTE approved colleges at a time when engineering seats are decreasing. What could be the possible reason behind this trend?

There could be many factors. Firstly, IT and computer science engineering students are getting competitive job offers. However, the situation is not the same for students pursuing engineering in other fields such as mechanical, civil, or chemical. Finding a well-paying job in these major subject areas is not easy.

Therefore, students basically have no choice but to do MBA to secure employment in the business sector. Companies offer high salary opportunities to those holding MBA degrees from reputed universities.

Secondly, only people with science background can do engineering. Not everyone is motivated or gifted to study science. In contrast, there are no such requirements for management courses.

How is AICTE promoting the concept of having technical books in Indian languages?

AICTE is regularly organizing expert panel discussions on the birth and importance of mother tongue education, the role of universities and state technical education departments in imparting technical education in Indian languages, and the future roadmap for outcomes such as Includes views of leading academics on the topics. Accessible education in Indian languages.

What major reforms are we expecting in technical education in 2023?

Our efforts aim to create an entrepreneurial environment and provide employment opportunities to the youth in India. AICTE will work across its institutes with more cutting-edge research to create more innovations and new start-ups, which can open doors for a great job creator.


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