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Iran threatens retaliation after new sanctions imposed by EU, Britain

World NewsIran threatens retaliation after new sanctions imposed by EU, Britain

Reuters | | Posted by Ritu Maria Jani.

Iran strongly condemned the new sanctions imposed by the European Union and Britain on Tuesday and said it would retaliate. West Increased pressure on Iran to crack down on protests.

Iran’s Foreign Ministry spokesman Nasser Kanani said in a statement that the Islamic Republic will soon announce a list of new sanctions against human rights violators from the European Union and England.

The European Union imposed sanctions on more than 30 Iranian officials and organizations, including the powerful Revolutionary Guards, accusing them of a “brutal” crackdown on unrest and other human rights abuses.

The United States and Britain also issued new sanctions against Iran, marking a further deterioration in the West’s already strained relationship with Tehran.

The sanctions are the latest response to Iran’s deadly crackdown on unrest following the death of Mehsa Amini, a young Iranian Kurdish woman, in police custody in September.


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