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James Cameron praises RRR, asks SS Rajamouli if he wants to make a Hollywood film: ‘Let’s talk’

Entertainment NewsJames Cameron praises RRR, asks SS Rajamouli if he wants to make a Hollywood film: 'Let's talk'

The film maker James Cameron Made sure she informed director SS Rajamouli about her love for RRR. The Avatar director had earlier told him that he loved RRR so much that he watched it twice, and now in an unseen clip shared by RRR’s official Instagram handle, James Cameron even told Rajamouli that if he Ever thought of making a film? Hollywood, he should tell her. (Also read: SS Rajamouli met James Cameron who liked RRR so much that he watched it twice)

SS Rajamouli met James Cameron at the Critics’ Choice Awards where RRR won Best Foreign Language Film. In an unseen clip shared by RRR’s official handle, SS Rajamouli and James Cameron can be seen in a discussion, where Rajamouli says: “I’ve seen all your films… Big inspiration. Terminator, Avatar, Titanic… all loved your work.”

Responding to this, the Titanic director said: “Thank you, that’s fine. Watching your characters now… it feels just like watching them. And the setup… your The story of fire, water, revelation after revelation. And then you show what happened in the back story. It all seems to be a domestic setup. Why he’s doing what he’s doing and twists and turns and The friendship and eventually it gets to the point where he can’t even kill her when the others flip out… it’s just that powerful.” The post was titled: “If you ever want to make a movie here, let’s talk.”

Rajamouli replied, “Your words are more than an award for me. James Cameron then praised music composer MM Kirwani, who won the Golden Globe and Critics’ Choice Awards. He said, “And you composed, right? Because I saw you at the Golden Globes. The score, it’s kind of amazing. Because I like the music to be somewhat outside and when the audience is there. So keep supporting it. Already feeling something so it creates a theme. But you’re using music in a very different way.”

He then told Rajamouli, “You can only imagine, what it must be like. Everything that goes into the process of making a film. Because of all the work and passion you have put in. … They should all be yours. They must all be surprised, your audience is back home. And I’m sure that will be a bonus for you. What you are enjoying today. Will, the world will face it… If you ever want to make a movie here, let’s talk.”

SS Rajamouli’s RRR won two Critics’ Choice Awards including Best Foreign Language Film and Best Song. It was nominated in five categories including Best Picture, Best Director, Best Foreign Language Film, Best Song Nato Nato and Best Visual Effects.

RRR is a fictional story set in the pre-independent era of the 1920s and is based on the lives of two real-life heroes and noted revolutionaries – Alvari Sitarama Raju and Kumaram Bheem. While Ram Charan played the role of Ram, Junior NTR appeared as Taarak Bheem. The movie is over 1000 crore during its theatrical run in India.



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