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Jane Fonda praises RRR, fans call it a ‘Bollywood film’: ‘It’s a film of Telugu cinema…’

Entertainment NewsJane Fonda praises RRR, fans call it a 'Bollywood film': 'It's a film of Telugu cinema...'

Hollywood icon Jane Fonda has spotted SS Rajamouli. RRR and took to Instagram to praise the film. RRR has had a dream run at major Hollywood awards, winning the Golden Globe and Critics’ Choice Awards for Best Original Song for Naatu Naatu, as well as being nominated for other awards in the Best International Film category. Multiple Academy Award-winning actor Jane Fonda was the latest star to join the bandwagon as she praised the film and said she was “transfixed” by it. (Also read this: Junior NTR has been predicted by an American magazine as a contender for Oscar 2023 best actor along with Tom Cruise.)

Taking to Instagram, Jain shared the official poster of the film and wrote, “At the very opposite end of my last film, for Leslie, here’s another new film that surprised me: RRR, an Indian film that Shortlisted. Best Foreign Film category. It’s a combination of Indiana Jones, a serious film about imperialism and Bollywood. I was transfixed.”

Fans were quick to correct the actor and commented on his post that RRR is not Bollywood. “It’s Tollywood… but we can stick to Indian,” said a fan. While another said, “Not Bollywood, although Bollywood refers to Hindi language films.” Another wrote, “It’s not a Bollywood movie, it’s a Tollywood movie from the Telugu film scene in India. Now that’s called Indian cinema!” A fan also wrote a long note explaining the difference: “It’s not Bollywood… its Tollywood… as many foreign countries think Indian cinema means Bollywood… There are many industries within the country where you can also watch. Diversity in Indian cinema… Tollywood – Telugu, Kollywood – Tamil, Mollywood – Malayalam, Sandalwood – Kannada, Marathi, Bengali, Gujarati, Assamese, Odia. , Bhojpuri, Punjabi… and other small film industries… where we make films in our respective languages… so we request you not to think of Indian film as just Bollywood.. ..”

Some fans also noticed that Jain had said in the post that RRR had been shortlisted in the Best Foreign Film category, which was wrong. The last film submitted by India was Show, not RRR. One user wrote, “It’s a shame but it wasn’t shortlisted for Foreign Language Film, India submitted another film. It deserves Best Film though and is one of the best films of the year. ” Despite this, fans were happy that so many actors and stars from the West were championing the film, with one fan commenting: “I hate non-Indians using my platform to recommend and/or promote Indian productions. So inspired to give. Misconceptions about this industry. Thanks, Jane.” Another comment read: “Because you guys are sharing the movie with others.. RRR is getting more recognition thanks.”

RRR is a fictional story set in the pre-independent era of the 1920s and is based on the lives of two real-life heroes and noted revolutionaries – Alvari Sitarama Raju and Kumaram Bheem. While Ram Charan played the role of Ram, Junior NTR appeared as Taarak Bheem. The movie is over 1000 crore during its theatrical run in India.



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