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Javed Akhtar recalls why he stopped working with Salim Khan: ‘When success came, new people came into life and…’

Entertainment NewsJaved Akhtar recalls why he stopped working with Salim Khan: 'When success came, new people came into life and...'

Salim Khan and Javed Akhtar worked together as screenwriters for some popular Bollywood films. The flames, Dawn, Divar and Chains among many others. In a new interview, Javed talks about their partnership and how Salim inspired him to become a screenwriter. The lyricist also opened up about how they parted ways after working together for over a decade. Also read: Javed Akhtar was joined by wife Shabana Azmi, ex-wife Honey Irani for the perfect family photo with their kids. See here

In a recent interview, Javed also revealed that he wanted to become a film director before becoming a writer and lyricist. Javed said that he was working as an assistant director and dialogue writer on the 1966 film Sarhadhi Lootera when he befriended Salim, an actor. Salman KhanSalim’s father was playing a small role in the film.

In an interview with BBC News Hindi Javed Akhtar About his friendship with Salim Khan, he said, “Salim Sahib was one of the few people who loved me… Aksar used to go (Salim was one of the few people who encouraged me). If I say And if we lived, we might not have met often, but since I got a room near his house, I used to meet him often).

Talking more about his association with Saleem Khan, Javed recalled why they parted ways and stopped working together. He said that once they became successful, their individual lives became bigger than their bond. “In Shuro, when we, the poor people, are struggling, then we are completely one. We have no other friends, we are the ones who work from the bottom of the house until the evening. Even in the evening, we eat together. 24 15-16 hours of me are together… When Kamibi came, no, new people came into life and that circle gradually got separated. Couldn’t work (During the days of struggle we were a tea boy. We didn’t have any other friends, we worked together from morning till evening. We also ate together. 15-16 hours out of 24 hours were with each other. But as we became successful, new people came into our lives and our circle of friends drifted apart. The mental connection we had was broken. We could no longer function as a team.”

Arguably one of the most influential and powerful writers in Hindi film history, Salim Javed (as he became known) was responsible for creating the ‘angry youth’ persona seen in many. Amitabh Bachchan films of the 1970s and 1980s, an image that was defined by his 1973 film Zanjeer. Salim Javed’s 1975 film Sholay remains one of India’s most popular films to this day.

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