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Jeff Bezos to sell Washington Post to buy NFL team Commanders: Reports

World NewsJeff Bezos to sell Washington Post to buy NFL team Commanders: Reports

According to the New York Post, Amazon founder Jeff Bezos may sell the American newspaper Washington Post and buy the football team Washington Commanders.

The Washington Post is believed to be being sold by a potential suitor, who plans to make an offer, according to a source with knowledge of the matter. The source declined to identify the claimant. Another newspaper buyer and seller claimed to have heard rumors that the publication might be for sale.

However, according to multiple media reports, a spokesperson for Bezos said The Washington Post is not for sale. A spokeswoman for the journal — whose owner, News Corp., also owns the New York Post — also said the paper was not for sale.

Notably, Bezos bought the Washington Post in 2013 for US$250 million. The New York Post reported that Bezos is ‘trying to clear the way’ to acquire Commanders from Warriors owner Dan Snyder.

The Commanders, who have won three Super Bowls, winning the Lombardi Trophy in 1983, 1988 and 1992, are reportedly viewed by their potential investors as a sleeping giant franchise in a major market.

Bezos is reportedly in trouble because the Commanders’ embattled owner, Dan Snyder, is still angry about a prominent newspaper series exposing a toxic management culture at the team, where bosses including Snyder reportedly But are responsible for sexual harassment.

Meanwhile, Front Office Sports, a multi-platform media brand that covers the influence of sports on business and culture, reported that Bank of America, which Snyder hired to auction Commanders, said that “Bezos continues to appear in court — even if there are indications that Snyder may not want to sell the Amazon founder for the auction, the New York Post reported.

The Commanders apparently accepted first-round bids from potential buyers last week, but Bezos, who is believed to be in talks with Jay Z to form a buyout partnership, was not one of them.

Bezos has said publicly that owning a newspaper was never his goal. To ensure financial stability and promote online expansion, Bezos was persuaded by its former owner Donald Graham to buy the Post in 2013.

Additionally, Bezos has repeatedly claimed that football is his favorite sport but has not publicly stated whether he would like to include a National Football League (NFL) team in his holdings.

Despite experiencing rapid expansion under Bezos with massive coverage, the paper apparently plans to lose money in 2022 after years of profitability as circulation declines following the end of the Trump administration.

If Bezos makes a bid for the team, it will be an interesting test for the Snyders, given their enormous wealth and purchasing power.

Amazon founder Jeff Bezos, one of the world’s richest people, revealed in November what he ultimately plans to do with his multibillion-dollar fortune.

In an interview with CNN, the billionaire said that he plans to donate most of his wealth to charity during his lifetime. (ANI)


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