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Jeremy Renner shared a new photo, revealing he broke 30 bones in the accident. Chris Evans teased him, asking about ‘Snow Cat’

Entertainment NewsJeremy Renner shared a new photo, revealing he broke 30 bones in the accident. Chris Evans teased him, asking about 'Snow Cat'

Actor Jeremy Renner has revealed that he broke more than 30 bones in a snow plowing accident earlier this month. Taking to Instagram on Saturday, Jeremy shared a photo of himself lying in bed while his physiotherapist helped him exercise. The actor was apparently at home as his room looked lush and green outside. (Also read | Jeremy Renner shares new post-surgery photo with happy birthday from Anil Kapoor)

In the photo, Jeremy was wearing a gray T-shirt and black shorts as he lay on a pillow. His hands were tied while closing his eyes. Sharing the photo, she captioned the post, “Morning workouts, resolutions all changed this New Years….Born from tragedy for my entire family, and immediate actionable love. focused on unifying.”

He added, “I want to thank everyone for their messages and concern for me and my family…. Much love and appreciation to you all. This is over 30 broken bones. Will heal, be strong, just like the love and bond with family and friends. Love and blessings to you all.

Reacting to the post, actor Chris Hemsworth said, “You’re a champion mate! We love you.” “Praying for you,” singer Gwen Stefani wrote. Jeremy also shared the post on Twitter. Reacting to this, his other Avengers star Chris Evans Tweeted, “This is a tough job. Has anyone even checked on the snow cat? Sending so much love.” Jeremy replied, “Love you bro….I checked on the snow cat, it needs fuel.”

Jeremy recently returned home after spending two weeks in hospital following the accident. According to the Washoe County Sheriff’s Office, the actor got behind his snow plow to help a family member whose car was stuck in the snow.

He was able to free the vehicle from the snow and when the plow rolled over and ran over him, he got out of the snow plow to speak to a family member. The accident happened on New Year’s Day near his home in Reno, Nevada. He was later airlifted and underwent surgery.

Jeremy’s family shared an official statement confirming that the actor underwent surgery following a snow plowing accident. It said, “We can confirm that Jeremy suffered severe chest trauma and orthopedic injuries and underwent surgery today, January 2, 2023. He has returned from surgery and is in the intensive care unit. I am in a critical but stable condition.”

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