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Jungkook Breaks Radio Silence With Healthy Bedtime Routine Tips And The BTS Army Can’t Keep Calm

Health & FitnessJungkook Breaks Radio Silence With Healthy Bedtime Routine Tips And The BTS Army Can't Keep Calm

by theZarafshan ShirazDelhi

After radio silence since December of last year, BTS’s Golden Make-up and Health Crazy Jungkook aka Jeon Jungkook, finally returned to spill the beans on their bedtime routine on Vyverse and fans, or the BTS Army as they called it, were in a frenzy. Looking his cute best, the South Korean boy band singer talked about the things he always does before bed and hopes it will benefit the BTS army he never fails to win. It doesn’t happen.

Explaining the secret to good sleep, he said, “When you deviate from your cycle, like if you go to bed early or late at night, if you wake up late, you don’t get sleep at night. Then , the next day I try to stay up until night even if I’m sleeping a little. I try to stay up until I go out at night. My room is usually at the ideal temperature. I can’t sleep if it’s too hot or too cold.”

Talking about nap patterns, the fitness enthusiast advises, “Don’t sleep right after eating. It’s really bad for your stomach. Relax for a moment and fall asleep slowly. Before going to bed Basic stretching exercise.

Watch the viral video here:


For the uninitiated, if you’re struggling to fall asleep every night, core stretching before bed can be helpful as it’s a great way to relieve stress, anxiety or tension in the mind or body, and to help you relax. Helps restore balance to prepare for a good night’s rest. sleep easily. From relieving chronic stress patterns to increasing physical awareness and inducing mental clarity and calmness, it is packed with health benefits that sharpen concentration, brighten one’s mood and relax the body. to help you sleep better.


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