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Karthik Aaryan confirms being paid Rs 20 crore for a 10-day shoot: ‘I double the producer’s money for 20 days’

Entertainment NewsKarthik Aaryan confirms being paid Rs 20 crore for a 10-day shoot: 'I double the producer's money for 20 days'

Karthik Aryan is reportedly one of the highest paid actors in Bollywood today. The actor, who was played 1.25 lakhs in his debut film Panchnama of love (2011), open about earnings. 20 crore for a film, for which he shot during the Covid-19 pandemic. In a new interview, the actor also explained why he deserves this remuneration as he calls himself the ‘Shahzada (Prince)’ of Bollywood. Also read: Bhol Bholia 2 Par 175 crores at the box office. Karthik Aaryan says it is now a certified blockbuster.

This information was received earlier. Kartik Aryan was paid 20 crore for just 10 days of work in filmmaker Ram Madhvani’s 2021 horror-thriller Dhamaka. However, the actor did not confirm this. Now, he didn’t just talk about his accusation. 20 crore compensation, but also why the film producers pay him so much.

In the latest episode of Aap Aadal on India TV, Karthik is told by journalist Rajat Sharma that he has become ‘so obsessed’ with himself after earning ‘hundred lakhs’. 1.25 lakh)’ in his debut film (Pyaar Ka Punchnama) was now asking. 20 crores. The actor blushed, and replied, “Wah tu dus din ke hai (it was for 10 days)”. When he said he was joking, the host corrected him, saying in Hindi, “No, you’re not joking. The film you shot in 10 days during the Covid-19 pandemic, You took it 20 crore.” Karthik then said, “Sir, what was it during the Corona time, but can I do such a dick on my fee, I don’t know. But that film (Dhamaka) turned out like this and had a ten-day shoot. That was my fee and I did it in ten days, the money is doubled in the bees to my producer, toh binta hai (Yes, I shot the film for 10 days during the Covid-19 pandemic and that was my fee. I make my producers earn double in 20 days, so I think I deserve what I get paid.”

Karthik was also told that he started acting as if he was after ‘Hero Number One’. Bhol Bholia 2; The horror comedy was one of the highest grossing Bollywood films to be released in 2022. To which the actor replied in Hindi, “I have always seen myself as number 1, slowly people are realizing it and seeing me as such. But the love of the audience is everything for me. is more important than that. I am desperate for their love and that is why I am obsessed with myself and want to give hits… There is only one Prince (Prince) in the film industry.”

Karthik was last seen in Freddy with Alia F. This movie was released on Disney+ Hotstar. Karthik’s upcoming projects include Aashiqui 3 directed by Anurag Basu. Prince is also with him. I say critic. The film is a Hindi remake of Allu Arjun’s Ala Vaikanthapuramulu, and also stars Manisha Koirala, Paresh Rawal and Roneeth Roy.

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