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Kritika Kamra on industry facing financial shock: Daily wage workers are expected to suffer and I don’t think it’s fair

Entertainment NewsKritika Kamra on industry facing financial shock: Daily wage workers are expected to suffer and I don't think it's fair

2022 has been a great year for actress Kritika Kamra, who is eyeing several releases in 2023. Although she is enjoying a high point in her career, Kamra says that it is a tough time for the entertainment industry as she tries to keep pace with new films. Normal after the lockdown due to Covid-19.

“Of late, I’ve been hearing about budget cuts. Some projects are being put on hold. The economics of things are changing. Even projects that were previously green-lighted are being shelved. Although we Going forward and good things are happening, I think it’s going to be different than we expected.

And one thing he is not happy about amidst this transition is how the daily wage workers on the film sets are having a tough time. “With all the financial struggles we’re dealing with, I don’t like how budget cuts and pay cuts are expected of staff, technicians, hair and makeup artists, art and support staff. People who Working on a daily basis they are expected to take a loss and I don’t think that is fair. These are people who have returned to work after a long time and should not be asked for less.

Kamra says that she understands well that the budget has to be managed but suggests that it should be compensated by the star’s fee. “We are a star-studded country no matter what we say and there is a percentage of people who are paid really big money. There may be another way of adjustment,” she explains. Where the responsibility falls on those who are at the top of the food chain and not on the workers who work so hard to achieve their goals.

Having been part of the business for a long time, Kamra said he “knows production and also the kind of math needed to make something profitable in today’s day and age, especially when The box office isn’t doing that. Well, and people are watching so much content now that they’re busy. There’s not a lot of money in the market. I understand all that. Those adjustments are necessary and they’re going to happen in all industries. I just It seems unfair that if daily wage workers suffer such a loss, expect people who are already not compensated as they should be to suffer. There is injustice. I think the stars of the film and television industry should shoulder this responsibility,” she concludes.

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