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Law Minister Rijiju calls BBC documentary on PM Modi ‘malicious campaign’

World NewsIndia NewsLaw Minister Rijiju calls BBC documentary on PM Modi 'malicious campaign'

Union Law Minister Kiran Rijiju said on Saturday that the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) A two-part documentary on Prime Minister Narendra Modi – ‘India: The Modi question’ – was part of a ‘malicious campaign’ launched inside and outside the country. “Some people consider the BBC above the Supreme Court of India,” declared Rijiju.

He tweeted, “Minorities, or for that matter every community in India is moving forward positively. India’s image cannot be maligned by malicious campaigns inside or outside India. Prime Minister Narendra Modiji’s voice is the voice of 1.4 billion Indians”.

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The Union minister warned those whose only aim is to weaken India – seen in reference to the documentary’s creators – that there is ‘no hope’. “Some people in India still haven’t gotten over their colonial addiction. They consider the BBC above the Supreme Court of India and would compromise the country’s prestige and image to any extent to please their moral masters. are.”

“However, there is no good hope from these ‘fragmentary’ gang members whose sole aim is to undermine India’s power.”

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Last week, the Foreign Ministry had strongly criticized the documentary. Interpreter Arndam Bagchi called it a ‘propaganda piece’. In addition, more than 300 prominent figures, including retired judges, bureaucrats, and ex-servicemen of the armed forces, signed a statement condemning the BBC documentary’s ‘unbiased bias’ against India and its leader. Revealing was condemned.

In response to the criticism, the BBC said on Friday it was ‘committed to highlighting important issues from around the world’ and said it had responded (on the documentary) when previously requested. Not Found.

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The BBC also defended the document as being ‘rigorously researched’.

The Indian government on Saturday ordered YouTube to remove copies of the documentary – based on the 2002 Gujarat riots – and also directed Twitter to remove posts related to the film. The government claimed that the documentary threatened India’s sovereignty.

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