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Madhuri Dixit’s husband Shriram Nene teaches his son how to make a ‘delicious and healthy’ Indian dish. Watch

Entertainment NewsMadhuri Dixit's husband Shriram Nene teaches his son how to make a 'delicious and healthy' Indian dish. Watch

Madhuri Dixit’s son Aryan is currently studying at the University of Southern California in the US. In recent months, Aryan has opened up about everything from how her life has changed since relocating from Mumbai in 2021 to her experience living alone in America. Now in a new video Madhuri saidHer husband, Dr Shriram Nene, who has an active presence on YouTube, shared a video in which he teaches their son Aryan how to make a ‘delicious and healthy’ Indian dish: masala jai. The dish is tasted by none other than Madhuri herself, who makes a special appearance in the father-son video. He praised his son’s cooking and gave him some tips. Also read: When Madhuri Dixit revealed that Shriram Nene could only recognize Amitabh Bachchan at the wedding ceremony.

In the video, Dr. Shri Ram Nene Shares her ‘amazing recipe’ with Aryan as she teaches him how to cook Masala Oats. Talking about ingredients like mustard seeds and curry leaves, he said in the video, “It smells amazing… This is Indian food for your son and daughter and mine. Made easy by son…took only 10 minutes. Very healthy and tasty dish.” As Madhuri appears in the kitchen and asks ‘what are the boys making’, Dr Nene and Aryan make her taste their dish. He then hugged his son and said, “He has done well.” Madhuri also said that the dish was very good and only needed salt to make it perfect.

Along with a video of her cooking, Dr. Nene wrote on Instagram, “Masala Jai, 10 minutes for the ultimate comfort food! Teaching Aryan to cook and take a piece of home to college…” on her video. Reacting, one Instagram user wrote, ‘Well raised son.’ One comment also read, “Great parents. Everyone should learn to cook, it’s a basic survival skill.” A fan of Madhuri Dixit was delighted to see her in the clip, and wrote, “OMG (Oh My God). Is that Madhuri at the end?” Another user also commented, “I want the recipe please.” . That looks delicious yum.”

In 2021, Madhuri’s elder son Aryan moved to America. In July 2021, Madhuri spoke about Aryan going to college, saying “I can’t believe it’s that time of the year, when my eldest son has finished school and now he will start his college. And my baby is flying the nest as they say. I can’t believe how the years have flown by, he is already 18. He will be in a university himself and I am so worried. That every mother will have an idea of ​​how she will lead an independent life. Because in India when we are growing up, we are so protected – we live with our parents, everything is done for the child. Cooking. Be it washing, everything is taken care of. Now, he will be on his own and that worries me a lot.”

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