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Mahesh Kothare recalls selling house after his film with Govinda’s nephew tanked: I had no roof over my head

Entertainment NewsMahesh Kothare recalls selling house after his film with Govinda's nephew tanked: I had no roof over my head

Last week, director-turned-actor Mahesh Kothare released his memoir Demon At Aani Badi Baat. He admits after the launch – which was a fairly unusual affair – he is “a bit relaxed”.

Mahesh revealed that when the idea of ​​writing a memoir was in his mind, it was his son, actor Adnath Kothare and others who convinced him to “write a 60-year journey”. “It has been quite a journey. I entered the film industry in 1962. I saw black and white cinema, one color and now digital. So, it was very important to have some kind of documentation,” he added. say

While writing the memoir, one of the most frequent concerns is about the cleanliness of the story. The choice to pick and choose certain events in one’s life during the release of many memoirs has often been cited as a concern by readers. Point him to the closet and he nonchalantly replies that he’s “all out” with it. “I didn’t draw any lines, I didn’t hide anything, I talked extensively about every situation, every film I did, every inner struggle of our family,” shares the Zapatlela 2 director.

The hardest part of writing an autobiography is the journey through life’s hard knocks. During the conversation, the 69-year-old opened up about one such phase. “I have seen a lot of ups and downs. But, there was a phase when I crashed from the bottom and it was difficult to crawl. When this part was written, I wanted my true emotions to come out, because at that time I There was immense insult and defamation. I had decided that I would not react at that time. It was 1999. I had cast a Hindi film in Love – a huge mistake. , was a big disaster. This period lasted for a long time, about 15 years,” Mahesh mentioned.

Elaborating further on this phase, he says, “That period was difficult for me. When I was writing about it, I wondered how I got through it and survived it. A There was a time when I didn’t have a roof over my head. We sold our house to meet the obligations. So, the way it should be written. My son was in his college days and we also got admission in MBA. Lena. It was a very difficult situation. But son, he was so sensible that he never demanded anything. I tried my best not to affect him and the family in any way.


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