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Mental Health Tips: 3 Effective Ways for Women to Beat Everyday Stress

Health & FitnessMental Health Tips: 3 Effective Ways for Women to Beat Everyday Stress

Women are more victims every day. Stress Compared to men, most working women have to juggle the multiple roles of a mother, caregiver for the elderly, and breadwinner for the family. In addition, women in India generally face discrimination and inequality and may not have equal opportunities and access to education, health care, and employment. The main reason for this may be the society’s attitude towards women or the stereotypes that consider women inferior to men. All these factors can adversely affect a woman’s mental health and often they find no way to relieve this stress and find themselves at risk of many mental and physical health problems. Many times family members fail to realize their mental health needs and don’t get much needed space and time to organize their thoughts and focus on what they like to do and who. C thing gives them more satisfaction. (Also read: Mental Health Tips: Signs You’re Emotionally Exhausted How to cope)

“In determining mental health and mental illness, gender plays an important role. Women exhibit distinct patterns of psychological distress and psychiatric disorder than men. Men and women differ not only in their outward physical characteristics, but They also differ in their psychological makeup. Gender differences in age of symptom onset, clinical features, frequency of psychotic symptoms, course, social adjustment, and long-term prognosis of severe mental disorders have been reported. All aspects such as domestic responsibilities, power, and social status are affected by the disparities they face as a result of socially established gender roles. Through the sexist prism of male superiority and female dominance, men and women The distinction between is socially determined and distorted by generations. As a result, the role of women in human life has been undervalued,” says Soumya Baliga, Counseling Psychologist, SL Raheja H. . Hospital, Maham – A Forts Associate.

High rates of depression, anxiety, somatic symptoms, and comorbidity are associated with risk factors such as gender-biased roles, stress, and adverse life experiences.

“In India, more than two-thirds of married women experience domestic violence. Anxiety is common in late pregnancy and the postpartum period. A majority (between 50-80%) of new mothers suffer from postpartum blues. More than half of working women experience work-family conflict, and 90 percent of them experience stress as a result of multiple responsibilities. These factors contribute to strained relationships at home or at work. can cause and predispose them to psychological disorders. The preference for the nuclear family has reduced social vulnerability. Help at the household level, women are left to fend for themselves and manage their own problems.” Psychologists say.

Developing coping mechanisms for life’s ups and downs is important to maintaining healthy mental health. Women should take care of their mental health as it is related to overall health.

Baliga shares 3 effective ways women can beat their daily stress:

Journaling for Mental Health: Writing down thoughts is therapeutic because it helps people express their feelings more clearly. As a result, thoughts no longer circulate in one’s mind and by doing so the individual will benefit mentally. Writing becomes a substitute for talking to someone and expressing ideas.

Get ‘alone time’: One of the main reasons affecting women’s mental health can be due to lack of self-care. Finding time alone can be difficult, yet necessary to reset emotions. Additionally, one can use this time to assess their life and determine what is working for them and what is not.

Get help if needed: There comes a point when it’s important to be honest with yourself and admit that they need help. Professional help may be sought to help cope with stress and improve their mental health. Most importantly, every woman should try to take breaks whenever she can and seek professional help to maintain her overall health.

“To live a positive life, it is important to set aside time each day to focus on your mental and physical health. Optimism and having a healthy mindset are essential to one’s mental and physical health,” concludes Derived Baliga.

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