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Mini Mather shares excerpts from her gym diaries, writes, ‘Prioritize yourself’

Health & FitnessMini Mather shares excerpts from her gym diaries, writes, 'Prioritize yourself'

Mani Mathur He is a fitness enthusiast. The actor is often seen indulging in an intense routine at the gym. The actress was away from social media for a while, as she needed to introspect about the things that might have been holding her back. In a recent post, Manny shared a short video compilation from her gym diaries and gave us a glimpse of what she’s been up to in the past three weeks when she took a break from social media. “Took 3 weeks off from social media to focus on what was holding me back. So many places. Is it fear? Is it loss of self-esteem? Is it lack of willpower? What? Am I getting old? Of course, I am!! But why should I dictate how I feel inside and how much I can do with my body? Mani wrote part of his thoughts in his Instagram post.

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Manny’s fitness video is about as inspiring as it gets.. In the video compilation, the actor can be seen doing several routines. From performing squats to lunges, to working on her arm and shoulder muscles with an arm workout routine, Mini can be seen embracing fitness. In one part of the video, Minnie can also be seen working on her leg muscles on the Pilates reformer. Along with the video, Manny added her fitness mantra for this year, “One thing I want to do this year is show up for myself. And believe that it’s never too late to get where you want to go.” Laggi. And I’m loving my commitment so far!! For those of you who feel like your socks are slipping inside your shoes.. Just show up. Make yourself a priority. Everything in line. I will fall.” Take a look Here’s his routine:

Mini’s fitness routine comes with numerous health benefits. Performing squats helps engage the lower body and strengthen the muscles. It also helps stabilize the leg muscles, especially in the knees and ankles. Lunges on the other hand help increase body flexibility, balance and coordination, it also helps promote weight loss by burning mega calories. Exercises on the Pilates Reformer help strengthen the core, back, glutes and thighs. It also helps lower blood pressure, and improve posture and body alignment.

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